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Sirisena Presidency - A Parallax View As foretold by Sobhitha Hamuduruwo  


Blessed are the peacemakers  


Disinformation campaigns and public mistrust  


Alleged human rights violations Lord Naseby defends Sri Lanka  


Tourists least concerned about liquor availability Reducing the price of beer a blunder! A gateway to all other drugs  


Plantar fasciitis That Intolerable Heel Ache  


An argument for a new Constitution  


‘Otriachchi’, ‘Orumiththa Nadu’, ‘Aekeeya Rajya’ and unitary state  


A Constitutional Framework for Sri Lanka  


UNHRC Resolution 30/1 Implications for Sri Lanka (Part II) (Based on a presentation to the OPA)  


Electoral Reforms are for People’s Benefit  


Managing perception with international community  


Unitary or Not? Contradictions in the interim report of the Constitution  


Myanmar: A Good Example for Politics of Polarization – Part 2  


Politics of Polarization – Part 1 Myanmar: A Good Example  


Lalith the fall man  


National Economy A Rice Revolution! Cost efficiency – the ultimate goal (Part 1)  


National Economy and Rice Cultivation Stranded or on course?  


Discrimination in Sri Lanka: The Reality  


Executing an Executive order  


What are The Best Laxative Foods?  




Abortion: Religion vs Feminism Debate  


ICC restricted from intervening in Sri Lanka  


Public officials not expected to carry out irregular orders Even if given in writing  


SRI LANKAN ECONOMY in Need of a National Master Plan  


Police community relations Modern, sacred and humane vision  


Selling the family silver  


Yellowstone National Park: An active super volcano  


HR groups in South America dog Gen. Jayasuriya While Prez Sirisena pleads ignorance of war crimes, lawsuits being filed  


Sri Lankan economy A rural reawakening, the only way out  


The legal system in Sri Lanka Good governance and the state of legal education  


Contempt of Court The Bar to file action against Ranjan   


Economic development A forgotten notion  


Produce president and pm before bond commission  


New Constitution Prescription for unknown ailment  


Why did Sri Lanka seek Chinese investments in ports?  


Political administration Adopting a holistic approach  


A time of gifts Staying on  


Manuka honey:The superbug killer  


A time of gifts Trying to settle down  


New Constitution Through the eyes of a citizen  


Great betrayal by local quislings  


New Constitution Citizens baffled  


Kattankudy Mosque Massacre  


Constitutional Council and Justice Shiran Gooneratne  


The New Constitution A Chronological Analysis  


A Whitewash for Failed Politics  


Mattek-Sands horror injury puts Djokovic, Federer in shadow  


Maidens Bowling Overs  


Mohammed Bin Salman: Meteoric rise of Saudi Arabia’s new crown prince  


A singing sensation  


A Fundamental right  


Solving imaginary and real problems  


Vivo retains IPL title rights till 2022  


Holistic social intervention The crying need for waste management  


A time of gifts Beginning of my second year  


Enlightening the younger generation  


India needs to re-calibrate relations with Sri Lanka  


Woods apologizes for DUI arrest   


Ladies College U-17 team emerge TT champions  


Is Constitution the answer?  


Traps from different quarters  


Are we an ungrateful society?  


Provincial slavery and political buffoonery  


what’s real reason behind MODI’s visit?  


Open letter to President of GMOA  




Terrorizing the Terrorist  


May Day responses Responsibility of intelligentsia  


A time of gifts My first vacation  


GSP+ A victory or an awaiting failure?  


Who wants a new Constitution?  


The New Constitution Creating divisions for democracy  


What is Good Governance?  


Trump pushed into bombing Syria  


Thailand discovers Power of Women Travellers  


Economics of gambling  


There were no Tamils in Ceylon until arrival of Westerners  


Elara was not a Tamil  



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