Govt has no foreign policy - Namal

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By 2017-12-18

United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, with reference to the Russian embargo on tea, stated that the Government has adopted a skewed foreign policy contrary to its claim that it would adopt a non-aligned foreign policy.

He added: "We do not have a clear foreign policy. If you look at the last three years, we have had three Foreign Ministers. Three of them have different views on foreign policy. We have always believed that we have a non-aligned foreign policy; however we have been following western propaganda. We have even gone to the extent of putting......restrictions on countries that do not matter to us at all. Even the Maldives accuses the Sri Lankan Government of trying to interfere in to their domestic issues.

Unfortunately, this Government does not have a clear foreign policy and instead it has succumbed to the foreign policy of some its allies to serve their interests rather than looking into the interests of the country."

Meanwhile former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weeratunga said that the incumbent Sri Lankan Government has not fostered diplomatic ties with Russia.

He added that the current Government accused the Sri Lankan Embassy in Russia of supporting Ukrainian rebels, which was an insult to Russia. The incumbent Sri Lankan Government also withdrew the Sri Lankan Embassy in Ukraine and handed over its operations to Turkey at a time when the relationship with between those two countries were sour. This added insult to injury, Weeratunga said. (SR)



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