‘Samurdhi Shakthi’ to be launched To showcase Samurdhi families’ talents

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By 2017-12-18

The Ministry of Social Empowerment, Welfare & Kandyan Heritage is to launch an initiative next month (January 2018) named 'Samurdhi Shakthi' to uplift and showcase the talents of Samurdhi families and their children.

Minister of Social Empowerment, S. B. Dissanayake revealed this at 'Samurdhi Abhimani 2017', the Samurdhi district fair at the Kandy City Centre. He added that the aim of the programme is to showcase the talents of children of Samurdhi families and Samurdhi staff members of Samurdhi families to the country and beyond.

"Apart from that, I also want to encourage all the Samurdhi officers and banks. For this we will select the best Samurdhi bank, best Samurdhi model village, best Samurdhi officer and they will be rewarded well. We also planned to strengthen the Samurdhi banks financially by collecting interests on time and by depositing money in reputed commercial banks with high interest rates," he said.

The minister added that they will develop 400 Samurdhi banks to become commercial banks with new and updated facilities. "We will introduce leasing facilities, clustery loans, bulk loans, etc. to such banks and it will definitely end the 'micro-finance mafia' which has already covered almost all the villages like a cancer. During the last 10 years past Ministers, have not shown a considerable progress regarding Samurdhi campaigns and its progress since they didn't have an idea of poverty alleviation programmes of other countries. But Samurdhi again came under my preview with the blessing of the President and it is my bounden duty to breathe life into the campaign which was started and developed under my leadership from 1995," he said.



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