Wiggy request voters to elect honest politicians

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By 2017-12-18

By Ananth Palakidnar

Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran requested the voters to elect the honest, uncorrupt and service oriented people to the local bodies at the forthcoming local government polls.

He made the request at a press briefing held at the Jaffna Press Club yesterday.

Wigneswaran said that the people expected local bodies to provide uncorrupt, honest and dedicated services. Therefore, the voters should elect the right people who would be of service without focusing on political gains.

"Those who come to serve in any democratic institution should first of all respect the people. They should be efficient, uncorrupt and honest. So when the voters cast their votes they should be mindful of who could give them the best instead of focusing on a political party or a person representing a party," Wigneswaran said.

He also added that the manifesto of the Northern Provincial Council election was based on the merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces and a federal system of governance to the merged North and East.

"Since the people have voted for the pledges made in the manifestos, we have to act honestly to fulfill their political aspirations. The youngsters who stood by me should not lose hope but remain committed towards winning their political goals, " Wigneswaran said.

It was for the first time Chief Minister Wigneswaran expressed his views on the forthcoming Local Government polls.



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