Dressing up for Test cricket

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By 2017-10-17

Supplying demand is the prime marketing requirement; naturally Test cricket has been chosen to feed another need of cricket fans. ICC has come with another plan and this time to go for a Test cricket league which was ratified recently. It has been planned, to begin in 2019 with the top nine cricketing nations, each to play three series' of Test cricket at home and three away.

The series' will vary in length but the same number of total points will be available for each. It will end after two years with the top two table leaders battling it out in the final to be played at Lords. Then the cycle begins all over again.

League cricket has been on the cards for a long period in England, especially in Lancashire. It has been there since 1888.

Lancashire was most famous for its textile industry. Those textile mills were the ones responsible for the Lancashire cricket league to carry on with their sponsorship. Lancashire league was the place where professionals throve on cricket. It mainly helped those poor professionals who represented England and retired for some reason or other find a way to make ends meet. It also had cricketers from the Commonwealth also gathered there for the same reason.

The first ever International Cricket match was played between the USA and Canada in 1844 at the St. George's Cricket Club grounds in New York. The first Test match was in 1877 between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket ground. Even at the time cricket came into existence those who were rich used to bet on it. This betting may have helped the progress of the game and it looks apparent betting also may have helped to set the game up in their colonies, when the British began their colonizing programme.

In today's context the demand for and methods of betting have grown in proportion and even brought into your homes. This has created a demand for betting on sports that look an innocent pastimes to be in your homes, full blast. There definitely is demand for more versions of cricket to be broadcast to your houses.

Since IPL has taken over the shortest and most attractive version more suited for betting, the English authorities have chosen to dress up Test cricket to serve their purposes. As described in foreign media this is the biggest reform to the structure of Test cricket since its creation. The three formats will have different systems of these being offered, with shorter versions getting more of the share as compared to Test who had the bigger share in the past.

Indications suggest that there will be an increase in public interest for the international flavour over the domestic game. They say, broadcasters and fans are going to have better Test cricket being offered and the reason is quite obvious. The excuse is it is harder to reform Test cricket. That is easy to understand and only points towards one and that is all about venturing.

The hype comes in the rankings and now it is not being the table leaders but who is champion of the world that matters. It is the way champions will be selected and the darker the horse it will encourage collectors more. When the system with longest version gets operational it will be something like in football; it will be a two year (league extends for two years) wait for exposing the winner. By this time there will be plenty of talk for the next two years about what is going to happen to your team.




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