Dream of travelling abroad?

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By 2017-10-15

By Sampath S. Kalpage

People are driven to lead extremely busy lives with their struggle to make ends meet. Some are employed within the country while some find employment abroad. Some may find success in their local job while others may achieve success abroad. We see that some people gain success in their local job while others find success abroad.

Opportunities are available for one to travel abroad on education, entertainment or pilgrimage and people all over the world travel on such purposes. Some may travel on expeditions, employment or medical treatment as well.

Despite the need there should be Yogas in your horoscope, that support overseas travel. The 12th is the House that mainly concerns overseas travel. In addition 7th, 9th and 10th Houses are also influential. All houses except the 5th House need to be analyzed in this connection. The 1st House of the horoscope represents the motherland while the 4th represents the location of your dwelling place. The planets placed in the 1st, 7th and the 10th and the aspects on them may facilitate foreign trips.

The 3rd House shows short-term travel and the 9th shows lengthy journeys. If that House happens to be one of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, it will lay the basic foundation to venture abroad. An earth Rashi such as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn indicates travelling in vehicles that travel on land; due to Rashis ruled by air such as Gemini, Aquarius and Libra you will travel by air: water Rashis such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will make you travel by boat. But these may slightly change due to other influences. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are movable planets and Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are fixed planets.

The ruler of the 1st House, if located in the 7th will make one live abroad. If the Lagna belongs to a movable Rashi and the ruler of the 1st house is located in a movable Rashi, aspected by another movable Rashi it will create the conditions for one to live abroad. If the Lagna belongs to a movable Rashi and the ruler of the Lagna is also a movable Rashi such as Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus you will make your journey abroad a success. In addition there are many other Yogas in Astrology although not as powerful.

If the ruler of the 4th House is placed in an auspicious House combined with Jupiter or aspected by the ruler of the 1st House, with a powerful 2nd House one will spend his entire life abroad. If Mars is in the 4th House he may live abroad. The first phase of his family life will be very joyful. The ruler of the 6th House placed in the 2nd or the 10th is also a Yoga that is conducive for foreign travel.
Movable planets are fast while the fixed planets are slow. Movable signs are influencing travel. The strong power of Jupiter is influencing foreign travel. If you examine the horoscopes of those who travel abroad frequently you will find that either Jupiter is powerful in their horoscopes or that they come under Sagittarius.

If the ruler of the 6th House sees the 8th House from the 2nd or Rahu is placed in the 6th, 8th
11th or 12th, he will frequently travel abroad. Sun being exalted in the 7th is a powerful formation for travelling abroad. If Lagna is Libra, Sun powerfully placed in Aries forms a Yoga for travelling abroad on employment.
The ruler of the 1st House placed in the 7th is a formation that makes one travel abroad at least for one day. The 3rd House also indicates foreign travel. Rahu placed in the 3rd House is also paving way for foreign travel. The 3rd House being Cancer or Pisces with Moon placed in it also leads to travelling abroad on pilgrimages.

Debilitated Sun in the 8th House also bestows a busy travel schedule. Jupiter placed in the 8th will lead to frequent travel on pilgrimages. Saturn placed in the 8th House will lead one to distant places. Venus in the 9th House also is conducive for pilgrimages. You should know that ruler of the 10th House being placed in the1,4, 7 or 12 , 5 or 9 will lead to happy overseas journeys. The ruler of the 10th House when placed in a Drusti Stana will create inauspicious incidents during travel.

If the 7th ruler is placed in the 12th House of the horoscope you will go abroad after marriage. It may or may not be with the spouse. There is chance that your spouse could be residing abroad. We can find an effective answer for travelling abroad from the planetary formation in the Navansha chart. If the above formations and Yoga are formed in your horoscope you are bestowed with the opportunity to travel abroad.




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