The flip side of stardom

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By 2017-10-15

Louis Tomlinson has officially gone his own direction with his first all-solo track titled "Just Like You," which arrived on Thursday (12 October).

Tomlinson has released two singles prior to this with Steve Aoki ("Just Hold On") and Bebe Rexha ("Back to You"), but "Just Like You" is all Tomlinson's voice assuring the listener that he's "just like you/ Even though my problems look nothing like yours do."
"Just Like You" is off of Tomlinson's debut solo album, which does not yet have a title or a release date.

On Wednesday, Tomlinson took to Twitter to tell fans, "So I wrote a song called 'Just Like You' a few months ago. After a few conversations with the label I told them that I wanted to release it. My next single will be a bit later this year but I wanted to share this with you now. This is for you lot! #JustLikeYou ... This is one of my favourites from the album. Conceptually I think its sums me up!"

The mid-tempo song was co-written by Tomlinson with producer BURNS and Jesse Thomas. "'Just Like You' is a song I'm really attached to," Louis said. "It's all about this view of celebrities that we're impenetrable and almost not human, but fundamentally we all have the same problems."

"Heartbreak feels the same, loss feels the same, all these feelings are the same for all of us."




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