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By 2017-10-15

By Taveesh Edussuriya
Ceylon Today Features

Imagine a world where you can turn on your lights at the touch of a button. This is nothing new. We all have light switches don't we? But imagine being able to turn on your lights, monitor your house or even watch over your loved ones from anywhere on earth. This seems to be something out of a science fiction book, and yet it is rapidly becoming a reality.

At 409, R.A. De Mel Mawatha lies the new Mobitel X Station. X station specializes in "smart" devices which are connected through a concept known as IoT or Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things, simply put is a concept where electronic devices are embedded with circuits that allow them to be connected to the internet. Basically each is fitted with an on/off switch that can be manipulated by the human users as long as they are connected to the internet. This can be applied to anything from normal household lights and televisions to door locks and even air conditioners.
Among X station's inventory of IoT home improvement gadgets are futuristic chandeliers and colour changing light bulbs; all of which are connected via the internet to any tablet or phone running the application. These have proven very effective in apartment settings, and have even been adopted by several leading hotels and apartment complexes.

Mobitel plans to augment its home security devices by introducing several IoT sensors and alarms, including motion sensors, fire alarms and even flood sensors. These are all accessible through the internet and can be actively monitored through an application on the preferred device.

Moving on to the entertainment field, Virtual Reality which is such a hot topic in the gaming industry has been incorporated into the Playstation 4 model. This extension allows gamers to literally be immersed in the game. In addition to that, stand-alone Virtual Reality systems such as the HTC vive have been introduced alongside an array of games and fun applications.

From the education aspect, there are several new developments. The X Station is proud to boast the fact that it has the only Microsoft HoloLens in Sri Lanka. This is a powerful tool for any designer or inventor who wishes to visualize and interact with his/her concept product in 3 Dimensions without actually having to produce it. In addition to that, X Station is introducing a smart whiteboard for use in schools, universities and even corporate boardrooms. This smart whiteboard uses projectors and motion sensors to track movements and enhance the learning experience.

The latest tech toy that is taking the world by storm is the drone. By now, most people are familiar with the cross shaped flying machines that are now used by amateur and professional videographers alike. They can be used to document anything from nature hikes to weddings. X Station offers three powerful new models that are advanced, versatile and extremely durable.

X Station allows those who walk in to experience the advanced technology mentioned above first hand. This is a recommended eye opening experience for those who wish to see what the future will be like. Of course, customers wishing to own a part of the future are welcome to do so as well. The world is moving fast. IoT products are already reaching mainstream levels in the international arena. It is encouraging to know that Sri Lanka is catching up, thanks to X Station.




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