Aging with Venus

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By 2017-08-13

By Prasadini Narmada

It is natural for one to experience a sense of happiness when the Dasha of Venus is about to occur. It is due to a belief in people that it will bring positive changes. Venus that would influence romance and other auspicious happenings would improve one's appearance, give fineries, comfort and movable and immovable property.

When one is under the influence of Venus, he will not want to stay alone. He will feel lonely. Especially they may not want to spend their life alone. They will somehow make friendships and associate with others. These are the qualities of Venus. If a teenager of about 15 years of age undergoes Venus Dasha, the conditions will do him more harm than good. It will give more negative results than positive. It is an age in which a strong foundation has to be laid for education. During that time if they continue to seek company, they will lose interest in education and will not think of studying hard to get through the examinations. Therefore restraint has to be exercised. If it is a boy he would have a great liking for exquisite things. He will show romantic tendencies and associate with persons older than him. He will not feel attracted to education. This is due to Venus being a planet given to simply enjoy life's comforts and not wanting to worry about anything serious. Therefore academics are out of question. They may show an interest in fine arts such as drama and music. If one is talented, then it is the time for one to carve a name for himself. If Venus is powerfully placed in the birth chart with benefic aspects, he will rise in position during the period of Venus.

If taken the age group of above 15, they too may experience more negative circumstances than positive. But if Venus is powerfully placed in the Lagna, it can be especially good for girls. The ancient Rishis believed that houses with such girls are endowed with the grace of the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. She will look beautiful. Further it explains that she is suitable to marry a king. This situation is created through positive aspects of other planets. Although Venus is posited in the Lagna, if it has malefic aspects, such positive results will not be experienced. The beauty itself will become a curse. Despite beauty, wrong decisions will result in controversy and loss of family reputation. The main period of Venus which happens to be about 20 years, will be beneficial depending on the benefic and malefic influence during the interim periods.

If Venus has benefic aspects in the post-marriage period, their businesses will flourish, hopes will be fulfilled and help will be received from the opposite sex. They will rise in position. If a female happens to undergo such a benefic period of Venus, she will have a peaceful family life, appealing appearance and fortunate children. If she has an avenue of income it will instantly enhance.

If Venus is inauspiciously placed this will lead to extra-marital affairs, complication of such affairs, humiliation due to exposure of graphic videos, harm caused due to having several affairs, and loss of one's reputation. If one entered into matrimony expected results will not manifest. The couple will develop serious differences due to issues, leading to stress. If one learns the nature of the positioning of Venus in one's horoscope, he will be able to look after himself from harm.

If one comes under Venus Dasha after 50 years of age or above, it will bring him progress. There will be marriage prospects if one is looking for a partner. If Venus is debilitated, life will be unsatisfactory and difficult. Things done for pleasure will end up in sorrow or he may lose all interest.

If an aged person comes under Venus Dasha, he will spend his life happily according to his wishes. He will receive foods and fineries fancied by him. Will travel and will be looked after. He will have the opportunity to engage in meritorious deeds.Diseases will be cured.

When one undergoes stress due to a malefic planetary effects, there are remedies in Astrology.

Reciting verses of blessing, bathing with water mixed with the Karanda herb, Offering Poojas to deities including Goddess Pattini, offering flowers in five colours, wearing the Nava Nath talisman and Ratana talisman will eliminate the negative intensity. Offering a Kiribath to poor people (Pulanno) and invoking merits will eliminate the defects. Wearing white gems or diamonds too will be important in this connection.



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