MoH sleeping on doctors’ transfers

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By 2017-08-12


Due to irregularities and malpractices in the annual transfer process, doctors who were appointed to hospitals in rural areas have not been recalled by the Ministry of Health (MOH) even after the passage of two and a half years after the doctors had completed their compulsory one year's service at hospitals in peripheral regions.

Assistant Secretary of the GMOA Dr. Naveen De Soysa said doctors are reluctant to serve in peripheral hospitals due to this state of affairs as they are not recalled after the compulsory service of one year.

"They are kept long in the hospitals in peripheral areas depriving them of their due transfers" Dr. Soysa said, warning that this plight can lead to doctors joining private hospitals and leaving the country for better opportunities abroad causing a huge deficit of doctors in the hospitals in peripheral regions. He added that the list of transfers is prepared collaboratively by representatives of the MOH and trade unions and that mechanism is acknowledged by the World Health Organization. "A subcommittee appointed by the Minister of Health alters the final transfer list," he said. He added that these doctors had lodged a complaint in this connection with the Public Service Commission.



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