Dehiwala Moulavi admits: Some parts of Quran dated

Buddhika Samaraweera | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 9 2020
News Dehiwala Moulavi admits: Some parts of Quran dated

By Buddhika Samaraweera

A moulavi from a mosque in Dehiwala, testifying before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Easter Sunday bombings on 21 April 2019, acknowledged that certain portions of the Quran contain elements that do not fit the present society.

He said, this when the President's Counsel (PC) appearing for the Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, questioned him about certain sections of the Quran.

When the PC queried him as to whether a certain section of the Quran stated that a person who does not practise Islam should be killed, he admitted that such a passage was there in the Quran. The witness, however, added that such sections need not be taken into account at present.

The PC also questioned the witness about another section of the Quran that is critical of Christians and Jesus Christ. In response, the witness said that he had no clear idea of that. "It is difficult to explain without a proper understanding, but I accept that there is such a section," he said.

Also, when the CCTV footage of the suicide bomber of the Zion Church in Batticaloa, Mohamed Nazar Mohamed Azad, was shown before the Commission, the moulavi noted that the bomber was practising the religion as a traditional Muslim (CCTV footage of a mosque in the Batticaloa area where Azad had taken part in religious services on the morning of 21 April 2019 was shown).

"I consider Zahran Hashim, the mastermind of the bombings on Easter Sunday and the Leader of the National Thowheed Jamath, and other bombers, as some who left Islam because Islam never encourages such extremist activities that they committed," he added.

Buddhika Samaraweera | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 9 2020

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