SLC distributes Rs 50.5 million among members

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 1 2020
Sports SLC distributes Rs 50.5 million among members

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has distributed Rs 50.5 million among member clubs as a special grant to help them, following requests made by the clubs seeking financial assistance due to difficulties they face during Covid-19.  

 SLC Secretary Mohan de Silva in an email dated 7 May stated: "It was brought to the attention of the President by the controlling and affiliated clubs, that a special grant be approved in light of the financial difficulties they face due to COVID-19. 

Clubs have indicated that the ongoing lockdown situation has abruptly halted all the functions of clubs and has significantly impacted on the operational aspects of the clubs, such as maintenance costs, staff salaries, player fees, training, equipment, and other amenities. 

In such circumstances, a request had been made to SLC soliciting requisite financial support in order to ensure the proper functioning of the clubs and upkeep the livelihood of the cricketers and employees during these hard times. The said financial grants were later approved and distributed." 

Since 55 members who have voting rights have been granted financial assistance, some claimed that these payments were made targeting votes at the next SLC election, but SLC President Shammi Silva said that's not the case. 

"Election is a year away - in 2021 May. So if this was done targeting the election we could have done this next year. This was done to help our members during this situation following many requests," said Silva in a reply to a query by Ceylon Today. 

Accordingly, four cricket associations - Mercantile Cricket Association, Nationalised Services Cricket Association, Defence Services Sports Board and Sri Lanka State Services CA - had been granted Rs 1 million each. 

Out of 29 controlling clubs - i.e. clubs which play in the major league and also has a ground and club house - were paid Rs 1.5 million each, which includes top clubs such as SSC, NCC and CCC.

Clubs which don't have a ground and which don't play in the major league were granted Rs 1 million each. Out of the 22 affiliated clubs - i.e. clubs who play higher than division three cricket but have a ground and club house - were granted Rs 750,000 each, while the rest of the clubs were granted Rs 500,000 each. 


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 1 2020

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