Sports training to resume today

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 1 2020
Sports Sports training to resume today

By Anjana Kaluarachchi 

As per the Sports Ministry's policy decision to resume sports step by step from 1 June, handpicked National Cricketers (men) and track and field athletes will resume their training in Colombo today. 

All cricketers/athletes have been briefed about preventive measures they have to take, and that they should strictly adhere to the health regulations imposed by the Government in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Selected squad of 13 members will undergo a 12 day 'Residential Training Camp' at the CCC, Colombo, whilst they will stay as a group in a hotel during the entirety of the camp. The players taking part in the camp represent a general squad chosen from across all formats, and primarily consist of bowlers, as they need more time for 'conditioning' before going into active competition. The coaching and support staff consists of a four member unit," SLC stated in a statement yesterday. 

"The 12 day 'Residential Training Camp' was implemented taking into consideration the health regulations imposed by the Government, which specifies cricket as a 'High Risk' sport and requires residential training. SLC has taken all necessary measures in consultation with the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of every individual involved in this exercise, and has formulated a set of procedures to adhere to during the camp period and before," the statement further states. 

All the vehicles involved in the programme will be disinfected before and during the period, while health officials who have already inspected hotels and venues, have issued guidelines to follow during the camp period.  Members of the camp will not be permitted to leave the hotel or attend to any personal matter during the period. 

The team will undergo in-house fitness sessions at the hotel gym today, followed by ground training from tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, the athletics super pool that was set to resume training today has been postponed to 8 June, due to the imposition of curfew by the Government on 4/5 June. However, athletes who train under Cuban coach Sergio Manuel Rodriguez will resume training today at the Torrington Stadium - for the first time since 20 March.  

"Since the hostel isn't open yet outstation athletes face a problem of training in Colombo. Once the hostel is open we will ask them to come here and start training. All of them have already been briefed about health measures which should be taken by them," said President of the Athletics Association, Maj.Gen Palitha Fernando.

Fernando said only a limited number of athletes will be allowed to train at Torrington for the time being, in order to maintain social distancing. 

Torrington Stadium which many national and school athletes use for training, looked more greenish than ever  as the Sports Ministry has been preparing the grounds for training during the last two months. 

A few outstation venues have also allowed handpicked top national athletes to train at their venues, while adhering to health guidelines.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 1 2020

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