Write Your Own Successful Story

By Dr. Ashoke Priyadarshana | Published: 2:00 AM May 8 2021

By Dr. Ashoke Priyadarshana 

Some might be disheartened by failures whereas some get stronger. Edison had failed almost a hundred times before he invented the electric bulb. It is perhaps the common tendency of most people to discuss success and victorious incidents in life without paying much attention to the failures hidden behind their success stories. On the other hand, failures are inevitable as human beings are naturally designed to make mistakes. 

G.C.E Advanced Level (A/L) results have been released and the students who have got through with flying colours will appear on media and their names will be on newspapers. The methodology of measuring intelligence in a local educational context is questioned by many experts since written exams should not be considered the only strategy that measures intelligence because it is known as a method that mainly measures the memory capacity of children. Nevertheless, social cognition has exerted pressure on children to pursue the set goals by the society itself. 

Human behaviour and social cognition 

Goals are set by certain parents on their children’s behalf before they see the light of this world. From the day a child is born into the world, they are pressurised to reach the goals established by the parents. Parents have been the victims of social cognition and they then unknowingly victimise their own children. Individuals tend to be passive followers of social cognition unless they carefully observe the nature of social cognition. According to Social Psychology, social cognition refers to processing, storing, and applying information about other people and social situations. Individuals are supposed to behave in accordance with the values formed in social cognition and the values might change often due to ‘cultural diffusion’. For instance, the manner in which a person dresses is changing social cognition; the type of vehicle that someone should buy decides social cognition. Thus, persons’ behaviours are governed and shaped by social cognition. 

Pressure on children

 Changes made by people according to social cognition might not always be positive. People tend to pursue goals that are beyond their personal interest to please others rather than satisfying themselves. They are therefore engaged in top-ranked professions as per the instructions of others. Thus, their job satisfaction is minimal. Some parents drive their children to reach so-called topranked professions in society without being much concerned about the interests and the skills of the children. Depression and other psychological difficulties in adolescence and childhood seem to be often caused by unnecessary pressure exerted by parents. Despite enhancing the fine motor skills of toddlers, modern preschools are prone to hold exams. It goes without saying that children are under immense pressure when they happen to live in a world full of exams. 

Human beings are unique 

Parents, rather than being passive followers of social demand, have to recognise the potential behind children to reinforce them towards the direction that they should exactly be heading. Your child should not walk along the way that another child walks. Human beings as well as their skills are unique. Parents thus ought to be careful observers so as to find the hidden talents of children. I was a psychologist have come across several students who have multiple talents, but some of them badly regret the field that they are currently involved in. some complain that they have no choice except to walk along the path that their parents have chosen for them. 


Erick Erickson, in his theory of psychosocial development, stresses the importance of forming ‘personal identity during adolescence. He says that the adolescents who are incapable of recognising their identity could be confused. ‘Identity refers to making out strengths and weaknesses of one’s personality. You know of yourself more than others know about you. Therefore, the ones who have been unable to get through the exam ought to look for options that are compatible with their skills and interests. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to convince your parents in this regard. Others who have thought of repeating the exam can be prepared from now onwards. At least, you now know how to fail exams. 

Power of mind

The power of the mind is unlimited. People wouldn’t have stepped onto the lunar surface hadn’t they thought of doing so. Miraculous inventions in the world are the physical representations of the human mind. Students who are disheartened due to the failures are kindly requested to correct the mindset first. Thoughts that have dragged you into a dark hole ought to be replaced by positive thoughts that accompany you towards a brighter world. You might not remember the number of times you had fallen before standing on your own feet. Nobody reaches success without failures since failures are nothing but the landmarks of your success story

By Dr. Ashoke Priyadarshana | Published: 2:00 AM May 8 2021

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