Worth Your Time: Dorohedoro

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 1 2020
Teen inc Worth Your Time: Dorohedoro

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage Ceylon Today Features

Interdimensional travel, magic, sorcerers and plenty of action is exactly what you should expect from this roller coaster of a story that does not lift its foot off the accelerator from the first minute you press ‘play’

This series, which was initially a manga comic written and illustrated by Q Hayashida is set in a world split into two dimensions. The humans reside in what is called the Hole, a dark and dreary city that is post-apocalyptic in tone. In contrast, there is the Sorcerers’ world which is a lot better off in comparison.

Sorcerers are humanoid in shape but are physiologically different and emit a smoke which they use to perform magic. These beings enter the Hole sometimes in order to practice their sorcery, often using unwilling humans as subjects. This has resulted in many issues for the humans living in the Hole.

Caiman is one such victim who is in search of his identity after he wakes up with no memory and his head turned into that of a reptile. With no leads, he and his friend Nikaido continue to look for any clue to further Caiman’s search to find the one responsible. However, his search leads him down a rabbit hole that he may regret going down.

The original series began in 2000 and reached its conclusion in 2018. However, our focus is on the animated series from studio MAPPA which was released this year and lasted 12 episodes. Following the success of BEASTARS, the series also was animated through computer graphics instead of traditional animation techniques. Although some might find the difference jarring, the animation style and quality weren’t as bad as initially thought. However, there was some disappointment when it came to the fight scenes, which could have been much better.

However, the music was better than expected and with the great vocal performances from the voice actors, Dorohedoro comes out as an overall great production.

Even with good production quality, it is all for naught unless there is a compelling story to tell with great characters and writing.

Fortunately, Dorohedoro has all of the above. The world is well thought out and so is the lore. Caiman, Nikaido and the main cast are a joy to watch and the group of antagonists are also well crafted and are interesting to watch as well. The plot steadily catches on momentum and at the latter half of the first season, steamrolls its way towards an ending full of twists and turns that managed to leave us in genuine surprise. 

Although there haven’t been any awards given towards Dorohedoro, there is critical acclaim and a growing fanbase for its great visual flair and fast paced story telling. If you haven’t checked this series out yet, it is available globally on Netflix for your entertainment.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 1 2020

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