Worst Men's Fashion Trends Ever

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 24 2020
Glamour Worst Men's Fashion Trends Ever

By Navin Gunasekara

During these difficult times I thought I would write something fun to lighten the mood a little. Hence, here are some of the worst fashion trends and fashion faux pas we've come across over the years:

T-shirts with large logos on it

A polo shirt with a small Ralph Lauren or Huge Boss logo on it is fine. But, a t-shirt with a giant LV logo in gold or FBI (female body inspector) on it, no! Yes, such a thing does exist. 

T-shirts with big logos on it looks tacky and cheap and should be avoided - unless you're a walking advertisement for the company and they're paying you to wear it. Branding should be minimal and almost inconspicuous and not detract from what you're wearing.

Clothes with bling on it

Unless you're a rapper with gold teeth and tattoos, any item of clothing with bling on it should be avoided at all costs. Anything with embroidery or sequins is also a no!

Deep V neck t-shirts

These look more like a ladies blouse than a guys t-shirt. V neck is fine, but stay away from the deep V neck. No one wants to see your hevage (man cleavage). Even if you go to the gym and work out, it just makes you look feminine not buff.

Shiny shirts

People, it's not the 1980s anymore. Shiny shirts are not cool. Shiny shirts will make you look like an out-of-work porn star.

Shirt collar outside the jacket

Maybe this was cool for like a minute when John Travolta wore it in the movie Grease. However, it's not anymore. So, shirt collar inside the jacket please.


Ok so I hate these things with a passion. I'm sorry but when did it become cool to wear rubber clogs with holes in it? I don't care how comfortable they are, they look ridiculous. 

There are plenty of other options for comfortable shoes like Sketchers for example. If you have a pair of crocs, do yourself a favour and burn them.

Tucked in t-shirt

I don't get this look. If you want to tuck in why not just wear a shirt? T-shirts aren't designed to be tucked in and should never be.

Blazer with shorts

Unless you're a 12 year-old boy going to a wedding, this is not a good look. Blazer with jeans or chinos, yes. Blazer with shorts, a big no!

Pointy shoes

Unless you're the genie from Aladdin, pointy shoes are a no go. They were never cool and never will be.

Wearing white socks with jeans or pants

You should never wear white socks with a suit, jeans or pants. I am a fan of the colourful happy socks, but if you're not, just stick to blacks, greys and navy. They're a safe bet.

Socks with shorts

Unless you're a mail man or a bus driver, socks with shorts is a definite no. There is an exception though - if you do need to wear socks, go for ankle socks which can't be seen.

There are some of my 'pet hates' when it comes to fashion. I'm sure these don't apply to any of you. After reading all my fashion articles you're all dressed to impress and look a million rupees right?

Remember your attitude is as important as your look.
Stay safe and healthy.

God bless!

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 24 2020

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