Wimal ready to apologise

By Buddhika Samaraweera | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 10 2021
News Wimal ready to apologise

By Buddhika Samaraweera

If it was wrong to work for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s victory in 2005, to leave the JVP and support victory in the war, and to work towards the victory after Mahinda’s defeat in 2015, I am ready to apologise to the nation, said leader of the National Freedom Front (NFF), Minister Wimal Weerawansa. 

Also, if it was wrong to say that Gotabaya Rajapaksa should be made the Presidential candidate and work to make it a reality, I must apologise to the nation, Weerawansa said.

He expressed these views yesterday (9) in response to questions raised by journalists regarding the recent comments made by several members of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) that Weerawansa should apologise for a statement he had made to a newspaper recently about President Gotabaya and the SLPP. 

“Gotabaya should be given a top post in the SLPP, the main political party in the current Government. That is what I mentioned. However, it did not mean that Mahinda should step down from the leadership of the SLPP. While Mahinda leads the party, if Gotabaya was given a high position in the party, relations with other forces could be further enhanced. It will help the Government move forward and the country prosper,” he said.

He also added that nowhere in the Constitution was it stated that there was no possibility of commenting on another political party. In that context, we cannot talk about the United National Party, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) or any other party, he said.

Recalling certain persons’ claims that there are two doctors who were paid by foreign intelligence in NFF, he requested the President to instruct the IGP to take a statement from those who claimed so, and launch an investigation into the incident.

By Buddhika Samaraweera | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 10 2021

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