Will you be popular and rich?

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 26 2020
Horoscope Will you be popular and rich?

By Bandu Abeysundara

The Mount of Apollo, which is synonymous with the Mount of Sun or success is located right under the ring finger and just above the Line of Heart and this bumpy portion is mainly related to one’s emotions,  personal interests in business success and desire to be popular one day in Sri Lanka or world over. 

Remainder of the representations essentially comprise of wealth; it may indicate realization of dreams related to  commercial pursuits, talent for artistic pursuits (singing, orchestrating, dramatizing, acting, painting, craftsmanship including wood-craftsmanship with antiquity values), commercial activities and political careers to name a few. 

The negative results, generated by the Mount of Sun, include defame for some reason or other, either infrequently or constantly, eye defects, loss of money due to ineffective money management either at home or in office to brief a few.  

 If it’s well developed, mostly a little more overgrown than the rest of the mounts on the palm, you are usually clever, mild and have an instinct for the aforesaid inborn dexterities for which there is a competitive environment round the world today. Such people become famous in life easily, while succeeding in their endeavours faster than others who may have the same personal interests or life goals. 

This would be hundredfold affirmed, if a straight Line of Sun, also known as the Line of Success or Apollo too is present as a straight line arising from the bracelets and terminating on the above said mount on the two palms of an individual. They are destined to become famous in whatever sphere of life they may be engaged in and would continue as business owners or in self-employment.  If employed in the private sector, one may rise to the top rung of the corporate hierarchy and would become indispensable to the company for which they are working.   

If the above category of people are blessed with a finely grooved dark Line of Fate arising again from the bracelets and slightly, yet essentially, separated from the Line of Life, they are destined to accumulate wealth in an easy manner, mostly resulting from their artistic aspirations. 

It would also consecutively mean that the absence of the Line of Sun or Success, one is more susceptible to failure in life regardless of efforts, night work and inputs by way of investment and hiring professionals. The dream of seeing their own businesses succeed will be shattered to the very end one day – on most occasions after commencing one’s first business with high hopes and confidence that it would never be closed down.         

  This predicted end result would be more and more affirmed, if the Mount of Sun equals the Mount of Jupiter in its outgrowth excluding black spots and distortions, still essentially including a star or a cross on the Mount of Sun. 

In addition to the above signs, if a hypnotic triangle too is to be seen somewhere in the middle of the palm, such individuals would attract their audiences miraculously overriding their competitors on the stage or on the film screen. If one or more capillary vertical short or long lines do appear on the ring finger, extending from the base of the finger up to the first phalanx of the finger, they would make a huge accumulation of wealth and assets one day.      

In addition to the above characteristic representations, people with the aforesaid signs and lines and formations in the palms would be very particular about their clothes and physical appearances in such a way that they would gain the attraction of all their close associates. As a routine, they will like their houses and offices to be decorated elegantly and artistically. 

Besides, they are compassionate and willing to help others, even if he or she is a stranger to them.  When dealing with others, they never wish to accomplish any undertaking halfway through and aim to be perfect in every aspect on completion of the undertaken task. When it comes to wealth, the males run a higher talent and a greater luck to make money in business, while the females usually have a higher possibility of marrying a rich man in quite contrast.  

 If the Mount of Sun is flat or sunk with a black spot and essentially with the absence of a clear-cut Line of Sun or Success, it indicates that such people don’t have spare time for love, art and beauty in general and hence have a poor aesthetic taste too.

 This situation also logically proves that such people may have a few cents left in their banks, after overspending in daily life; they are inclined to pursue goals which bring about luxury, comfort and popularity, but their fortunes mysteriously stand to the contrary debarring their dreams by way of creating unforeseen barriers and obstacles to their great expectations to be entrepreneurs one day in Sri Lanka. 

If a clear-cut cross is to be seen on the Mount of Sun of a female, she would infallibly be full of beauty and consequently would  one day be garlanded for her unmatched beauty. She would be famous as well as rich.

In the case of a triangle being found on this mount, such people would carry a higher talent for their artistic pursuits, while a black spot on the mount may slightly hamper all their great expectations in life to be popular and rich.

If the Mount of Sun (Apollo) is well developed excluding much rayed lines on it, such individuals become famous for their career or social undertakings. They are born with genuine human qualities. 

They would be entrusted with higher portfolios career wise and would play a very special role in the society, while sacrificing their lives in the development of the Nation and the country of birth. They are inherited with honesty, gentlemanship and kindness toward the not-so-well-to-do in the society. They have ideally inborn human qualities to become politicians who would be equipped with the trick-of-the-trade to solve the ever rising problems of the common masses.  

If the Mount of Sun (Apollo) is well developed excluding much rayed lines on it and mandatorily excluding dark patches, black spots or moles on it, while the mount emits rays of golden colour in the morning hours on sunny days, such subjects are having a good period at the moment. In whatever ventures they plan to go in for could materialize right on time.  

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 26 2020

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