When Mounts of Upper Mars and Lower Mars are Prominent

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 13 2021
Horoscope When Mounts of Upper Mars and Lower Mars are Prominent

By Bandu Abeysundara

We have already discussed the differences in terms of character, habits, talents and weak points, when the Mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury are prominent or hollow or sunk in the preceding articles.

Today, I hope to put forth the outcome, if the Mounts of Upper Mars and Lower Mars are predominating over  the other mounts or vice versa.

The Upper Mount of Mars is located along the left side of the percussion of the hand between the Lines of Heart and Head. 

The Mount of Lower Mars is posited just below the Line of Life and almost above the upper end of the thumb. These two mounts represent slightly two different personal characteristics of an individual.

In common, if these two mounts are predominating over the other mounts, they are famed for qualities such as braveness, courage, fearlessness, frankness, helpfulness; and if the Line of Head too runs straight towards the Mount of Upper Mars, they are ideal for serving in the Army, Air Force and Navy or any other security services.

If only the Mount of Upper Mars is predominant, they are gifted with the self defense techniques such as Karate, Judo, Boxing, Physical Fighting, gun firing and fighting against injustice. If the Mount of Lower Mars too is well grown, and not overgrown, the qualities of the Mount of Upper Mars would only be enhanced.

Those, with  two prominent Mounts of Mars are called Martians. Their stature is above average; they are strong without being heavy; they have large, bright and daring eyes; they look at people fixedly and commandingly; their eye brows are thick. The Martians often frown; their beards are short and difficult to shave; the chest is splendidly developed; shoulders are broad and fleshy and the back of it is covered with bulging muscles; the bones are above  average in size; his thighs are relatively short; but the legs are well-shaped and the Martians walk with a brisk, proud and a determined step. 

Furthermore, his voice is powerful and is of a commanding tone. When the palms of a Martian is distorted, he has an inflamed face; a twisted mouth; a threatening, ever suspecting look; hair drooping flat and colorless; the beard is stiff and is ill-kept; the first phalanx is short and the thumb is clubbed.

More than anything else, he runs the risk of sustaining wounds in quarrels; being a born fighter, he rather courts such dangers in brawls, duels or battles. This would be doubly confirmed, if a black spot is to be seen on either mount of Mars.

If no malefic signs are seen, while he is a genuine Martian, he would be a devoted friend, magnanimous and generous. He throws his money for other peoples’ sake as well as for his own sake; he knows no fear; he has plenty of energy and perseverance and will go through any amount of peril and fatigue to bring an enterprise to success. He goes to his goal without minding the malefic outcomes that may come his way.

In matters of love, he always acts audaciously, and often succeeds through his daring ways. He is amorous by nature, and not vicious; he is domineering and refuses to listen to reasoning.

He is fond of eating; as a profession, his first choice is soldiery. 

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 13 2021

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