When Mounts of Moon and Venus are more Prominent

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 20 2021
Horoscope When Mounts of Moon  and Venus are more Prominent

By Bandu Abeysundara

On whose palms, the Mount of Moon is predominating over the remainder of the mounts  are called  Lunar Subjects in Palmistry.

The Lunar Subject is of a tall stature with a round head, broad above the temples, with an unnoticeable brow; the specialty being that his complexion is of pale white; his flesh is soft although the muscles are large and sponge-like in consistency. He has very supple blonde hair and no hair on the body.  In his face, quite broad and full, the nose is small and round tipped; the mouth is small and thick-lipped. As if always pouting; the teeth are large, yellowish and badly arranged, perhaps deteriorated. The eyes are large, round and are bulging. 

The eyelids are very thick and large while the ears are stuck close to the head. By these physical peculiarities, you can easily cognize the category into which you belong.

That is not all about Lunar Subjects as there is  much more, such as their talents, careers, desires, love of art and music, inventive capabilities, desire to travel to foreign countries and in  some cases even settling down with citizenship.

The neck of the Lunar Subject is long, white and fleshy and streaked with many wrinkles; the chest is fleshy and on some occasions unhealthy looking. The stomach is quite bulging and the legs are heavy and thick at the ankles with large homely feet. The inferior extremities often look swollen as if water logged. 

Of course, in such a type, the hands are bound to be quite fat and soft; the fingers are short, smooth and inclined to be pointed. The first phalanx of the thumb is much below average. 

Career wise, the Lunar subject cannot stand hard work or prolonged exertion; he suffers from hallucinations, especially if the Line of Head too droops down the middle of the Mount of Moon; and if the Line of Head terminates on the mount of Moon, it is a bad omen of a fatal death – most probably either by committing suicide, they always carry a tendency of dying due to drowning in a source of water such as a well, river or at sea.

If one wishes to lead a happy and merry filled luxurious life with riches in all aspects, it is essential that  Mount of Venus together with the Mount of Moon  should be predominating over all the other mounts.

In Palmistry, if the Mount of Venus is more prominently bulging out with flabbiness, they are called Venusians.

The Venusian in height is a little above the average with a round face; the cheeks are smooth; often dimpled; and the eyebrow is beautifully curved; the nose is long and broad at the root, the eyes are beautiful  and large,  the mouth is small with rather thick red lips; the chin is round , plump and rather long

 The ears are small and delicately shaped. The neck is white, majestic and fleshy; the chest is not broad, but full and healthy; the hips are developed and rather high in both sexes; yet, the thighs although long and graceful, the ankles are small.  

Health wise, the Venusians at their best are strong and healthy. His cheerful disposition carries him over many minor troubles. 

He suffers, however, from such illnesses that come from disappointments in love and also from various derangements of the generative organs. On a malefic hand, the worst they have to face is one of the most  horrible forms of slow blood poisoning known as syphilis. 

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 20 2021

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