What’s The Right Galaxy For You?

By Banu Athuraliya | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 27 2021
Tech Talk What’s The Right Galaxy For You?

By Banu Athuraliya 

Samsung has debuted the all-new Galaxy S21 series in Sri Lanka and I have been using these phones since they were launched last January. While I'm still working on my full reviews for each device, for now, I thought of sharing details about each device and what might be the right device for you after comparing the specifications and what each device has to offer.

With the S21 series this time, users now get three options to pick from - The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. All the devices pack the same beastly processor, and you get a super-smooth 120Hz display with each device. Android 11 comes packed with all three devices as well.

Design-wise, all Galaxy S21 models share the same design principles, though their physical sizes and the materials used differ between the models. The rear camera housing is similar across the models, with the frame extending up to meet with the camera housing, though the Ultra has a wider housing in order to accommodate the extra lenses and sensors. Initially, even though I wasn't a big fan of the renders I saw, now that I have used these phones on a day-to-day basis, I dig it!

When a smartphone company launches 3 flagship smartphones, the first thing a lot of people want to get to know is the specs. That's why below I have a spec comparison for you to get an idea about what each device offers. What you should know is that regardless of the spec, the core experience on each device is quite similar. Like Samsung says, ‘There is a Galaxy for everyone’ at various price points.

Now let me get into the focus of this piece, which is…. What Galaxy S21 device should I get, and under what criteria? Let me explain my take after having used all 3 devices daily.

You should consider the Galaxy S21 if you’re looking for the most affordable Galaxy S21 device. Even though the back of the device is not having the same glass finish, the processor is still the same powerful chip which means you really won’t have to compromise much when it comes to performance. Another reason to consider the S21 is if you like smaller phones because the S21 Plus and Ultra are both big-size smartphones. If you also don’t really mind about the Zoom that the S21 Plus and Ultra offer, you will be satisfied with the S21.

However, if you want a slightly bigger phone with the best of both worlds, when it comes to features and price, then you should consider the Galaxy S21 Plus. The main reason I like this phone is the dual-tone colour of this phone and the matte finish. It grows on you a lot and it’s funky! Battery life on the S21 plus is also better than that of the S21 in my testing so this will clearly satisfy you at the end of the day. Another cool thing about the S21 Plus is that the Ultra wide-angle camera on the S21 Plus is 0.5x while the more expensive S21 Ultra is only capable of 0.6x, therefore it might be an advantage for you if you want to capture more area.

With that being said, if you truly want the best in class Galaxy S21 experience, then you should consider the true flagship, Galaxy S21 Ultra. Like the name suggests it is the Ultra of everything. While it packs the biggest display of any S21 device, it also packs the best high refresh rate display capable of 120hz at 1440p while the other S21 devices can only do at 1080p. The battery life is also clearly much higher with the S21 Ultra thanks to the 5000mAh battery which will sometimes give you 2 days of use. 

The camera experience is also extremely versatile with the S21 Ultra thanks to all the sensors capable of shooting any scenario, from a wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, macro, and telephoto. The camera software also packs a lot of features for regular users and real professionals from a complete manual mode and a new director’s view mode. Another reason to pick the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the support for the S-pen. This is the first time Samsung is bringing the S-pen to the S series smartphones but the catch here is that you have to buy the S-pen separately. It’s up to you if you want to buy it or not because there isn’t a place on the device to put it in, unlike the Note series. Still, it’s pretty cool that we have the option now.

In the time I used these devices, I have received a few software updates from Samsung to fine-tune the performance and enhance the overall experience. While I’m finding it hard to switch to the Galaxy S21 Ultra from my primary Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone, if it wasn’t for foldable, the S21 Ultra would be one of my top picks for my primary smartphone. I’m still not done testing these phones yet though, so stay tuned as I will share my detailed experience after I’m done with my tests. Stay tuned for my videos coming on the Galaxy S21 series very soon at www.youtube.com/androdollar and follow me on Social Media @BanuAthuraliya/

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By Banu Athuraliya | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 27 2021

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