We expect UN to not to interfere with internal affairs: President

AN | Published: 9:15 PM Sep 22 2020
Local We expect UN to not to interfere with internal affairs: President

"We expect the United Nations not to interfere in the internal affairs of states," President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said in a video conference address to the United Nations High Level One-Day Conference.

The world is facing a common and an unequal threat, stated President Rajapaksa, who says he believes the slogan 'United Nations We Need' will pay due attention to the respect for the sovereign equality and territorial integrity of Nations.

The President stated that the partnership between the Member States and the United Nations as well as the sustainability of the United Nations can be achieved to the fullest by taking no country hostage for the benefit of a few.

The 75th Anniversary Summit of the United Nations was launched yesterday (21) at 07:45 p.m. at Sri Lanka time at the United Nations Headquarters in New York via videoconferencing  technology. 

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa addressed the summit at around 09:45 p.m. in Sri Lanka time.

Volkan Bozkır, President of the General Assembly, and Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, made the first and second addresses at the 75th Summit while 180 heads of state addressed the summit via video technology.

The President said that through a conscious intervention, the COVID-19 challenge was successfully tackled within Sri Lanka.

President Rajapaksa pointed out that even before Sri Lanka identified the first patient, the COVID-19 Prevention National Action Committee was appointed. The composition of the committee included the health and security sectors and the National and Local level civil authorities.

The recovery rate of COVID-19 patients in Sri Lanka is over 90 per cent, which is higher than the global recovery rate. The President said that "discovery and quarantine" methodology was the most powerful force behind that success. The President said that no cases have been reported in the country for the past one month.

He added that Sri Lanka is committed to achieving the 'Sustainable Development Agenda 2030', President Rajapaksa stated that the main objective of his Government is to eradicate poverty through a productive economy based on agriculture.

AN | Published: 9:15 PM Sep 22 2020

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