Voters should display sagacity at Polls - March 12 Movement

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 5 2020

The  March12 Movement which advocates for clean politics stated that after due consideration being given to past track records of those contesting the Polls, voters need to seriously consider their capability and capacity to fulfil  tasks entrusted to them.

Electors would also do well to eschew candidates who had previously reneged on election promises and those who openly engage in all types of vices, the Movement noted in a press release issued in this regard yesterday (4).

‘Today (5), the country would be electing people’s representatives to the ninth Parliament. Hence, the General Election would be decisive. The future course of this nation would be decided by the productivity, dedication to work and honesty displayed by these people’s representatives. 

The policies formulated by them would be crucial to the future direction undertaken by this country. Hence, the 225 Members of Parliament who are due to be elected to the new Legislature will also determine the future of the young generation. It is therefore important that the voters display their sagacity when selecting their representatives at this Polls. We urge the voters to exercise their franchise wisely and not leave room for any regrets afterwards. 

The voters also need to think twice before electing their representatives to the new House, because if they were to take the wrong decision, that would also portend disaster not only to themselves but to the country at large. It is the bounden duty of all registered voters and citizens to elect representatives with unblemished track records so that those representatives could truly aspire to fulfil the aspirations and hopes placed on them by the masses’.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 5 2020

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