Vastu connection to bed

By kelum gunatillake | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 12 2020
Horoscope Vastu  connection  to bed

By kelum gunatillake

Astrology says that the timber of the bed one sleeps in, is a main factor in achieving success in life.

It is said that timber from Mora (blackberry), Sandal, Kon (Ceylon oak), Deodar, Agil (red cedar), Kaluvara (ebony), Ath-demata (white teak), Burutha (satin wood), Mara (albizzia), Atteria (orange jasmine) and jack trees are auspicious.

It is believed  that Mora timber helps to eliminate diseases and Ath-demata and Thimbiri (Malabar ebony) give wealth and Atteria brings success.

Sandal wood is said to give power to eliminate enemies, long life and fame. Burutha comfort, fame and longevity.

It is believed that Sal wood (Shorea robusta) gives immense fame, and if a leader sleeps in a bed made with Sal timber, ebbed with gold and diamonds he is believed to be venerated by gods as well.

However it is said that wood of mango, Bo and banyan as well  as from a tree that was grown by the roadside or in a cemetery that was subject to floods, lightning, winds or damages caused by elephants, and trees cut down destroying   bee hives and birds nests are giving inauspicious outcomes.

In addition trees that were struck by lightning, trees killed using poison or with  dried up branches are giving bad results if used for beds.

Trees with thorns, found at a confluence of a river or grown in temple(places of worship) grounds are also said to be inauspicious that may lead to the destruction of one’s clan.

A bed made  by mixing timber from  Atteria and Thibiri timber is bad. Mixing with Ath-demata, Dewadara and Mora is extremely inauspicious. Four types of auspicious wood mixed in making a bed  is beneficial and even  if five types of good wood are mixed, it would cause one’s death despite his station in life. Mixing six or seven causes elimination of one’s clan.

One should be aware that keeping electronic appliances, waste material, magnetic material, sharp weapons and clothes of the deceased persons under the bed is inauspicious.

If you sleep comfortably you would become a healthy person who can win the world. 

By kelum gunatillake | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 12 2020

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