Underworld Gangster’s Police Records Go Missing

By Shiran Ranasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 25 2020
News Underworld Gangster’s Police Records Go Missing

By Shiran Ranasinghe

The Police Department has initiated a detailed probe into a case where around 50 Police records concerning noted underworld gangster Samsunge Sampath Chamara alias Army Sampath going missing from the Grandpass Police Station.

The missing records document acts of crime and illegal drug peddling of the noted underworld gangster which had been kept at the Police Station for over two decades.

It had also been revealed that pages from 20 such Information Books (IBs) kept at the Police Station had also been removed.

According to Police, the newly appointed Officer-in-Charge of the Grandpass Police Station ahead of assuming duties had perused the books and had found that some 50 books had been displaced while the pages of 20 other books had been torn off.

On the instructions of Senior DIG of the Western Province, Deshabandu Tennakoon, a detailed probe has been launched in this regard to be carried out under the supervision of Senior Inspector of Police P.H. Marapana.

It has come to light the books that had got displaced had contained details regarding several major crimes committed by underworld gangsters, as well as information relating to suspects who had been nabbed in this connection by the Grandpass Police during the past 19-year period.

Police further said that B Reports 6229/04/2001, 39526/04/2001, 6726/04/21, 41779/04/2001, 45837/4/2004 and 6502/4/2001, compiled by this Police Station against Army Sampath had thus been displaced.

It is also reported that several documents connected to Court cases that are still being heard against Army Sampath had also been among the books that had been displaced and it is said that some of these cases had not been heard in Court for a lengthy period.

Among the crimes committed by Army Sampath had been the serious injury caused to Raj Sundaram Suresh in the Grandpass area on 24 October 2001, the shooting of Shivalingam Prem Ananthan on 9 November 2001 where the victim died from injuries sustained from the gunshots, the murder of K. Chamara Sampath down Stace Road on 19 November 2001, as well as the killing of Bernard de Rosairo on Christmas Eve of 2001, said a top Police officer.

By Shiran Ranasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 25 2020

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