Ultimate comfort and convenience with the LG range of innovative products from Abans

RP | Published: 5:27 PM Sep 10 2021
Business Ultimate comfort and convenience with the LG range of innovative products from Abans

South Korean electronics giant, LG, has always been at the forefront of introducing innovative products featuring the latest in technology, as part of their mission to help people lead comfortable and convenient lifestyles.

Bearing a long-standing partnership of over 30 years with trusted home-grown conglomerate – Abans, LG has delivered quality, innovation and versatility to Sri Lankans with an unmatched range of products with amazing functions, for a happier and healthier daily life. 

For all your large storage needs, the LG French Door InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator is ideal to stock up on groceries so you don’t have to shop often. 

Featuring the unique InstaView glass panel, where you can tap twice and view what’s inside the refrigerator – which helps to save energy – this product contains five separate doors, so you can prevent cold air loss by opening only the section that you require access to. 

It also holds the largest storage capacity of 725L for all your favourite foods, as well as the Inverter Linear Compressor that saves up to 42% on electricity, and the Hygiene Fresh filtration system that removes up to 99.99% of bacteria and contaminants from the air inside the refrigerator. 

Prepare healthy meals and get baking at home with an LG Microwave Oven

Whether it is to cook vegetables, meat or fish, make entire meals or bake your favourite goodies, LG Microwave Ovens get the job done in a short period of time – compared to the usual cooking methods – while conserving the nutritional value of the food to the highest quality. 

Get sparkling clean and hygienic dishes in no time with LG Dishwashers

It features QuadWash TM that power cleans dishes from multiple angles with its unique four arms and True Steam® technology that uses steam to penetrate food residue and minimize water spots in the drying process. 

With larger space to get your dishes done in a shorter period of time and Inverter Direct Drive technology giving superior energy savings to your home, this product is a valuable choice for you. 

The recently introduced LG Dual Cool Anti-Virus Inverter Air Conditioner is the best solution for bacteria and virus- free air inside your home. 

The Anti-Virus Filter deactivates up to 99.7% of viruses on contact; the Allergy Filter removes all allergy-causing substances floating in the air; Auto Cleaning prevents bacteria and mould from accumulating; and finally, UV Nano technology sterilizes the air up to 99.9% further. 

The Super Convertible 5-in-1 Cooling Control enables you to save energy, as the AC reduces the cooling capacity from 100% to as low as 40%, but also increases the cooling capacity to 110% when faster cooling is required. 

Dual Cool Inverter technology provides faster cooling up to 40%. Equipped with the world’s only Ocean Black Protection, this AC provides exceptional durability against typical Sri Lankan conditions of sand, salt, smoke and pollutants. 

LG Vivace Front Loader Washing Machines featuring the unique Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD), detects the weight of your laundry, senses the softness of the fabric and chooses the optimal washing pattern for each fabric by itself. 

Using deep-learning technology, AI DD offers 18% more fabric protection, making your favourite clothes last longer. LG Steam+™ technology eliminates 99.99% of germs, viruses and allergens and removes wrinkles up to 30%, a useful function in this time of the pandemic for hygienic laundry. 

Turbo Wash™ 360° offers a thorough wash in just 39 minutes, saving water, time and energy altogether. LG Vivace Front Loader Washing Machines are available in a series of Washer, Washer Dryer and Twin Washer options. 

The Twin Washer enables you to wash two separate loads at the same time. Bigger loads can be laundered in the top washer, while the bottom washer can be used to wash delicates and smaller items simultaneously, thus saving a great deal of time and energy. 

LG Hom-Bot is the square robotic cleaner that takes care of cleaning your floors on its own. 

This handy product easily eliminates dust and dirt hiding in the tightest of corners, with its long brushes and corner-detecting sensors, which also help it move freely around the room without knocking onto edges. 

With an extremely low noise level and next- level Learning Function that enables the Hom-Bot to recognize areas it has previously cleaned; you can sit back and relax without the risk of disturbance or hassle. 

LG Stylers allow you to dry and refresh your clothes, soft toys and other similar items easily at home and remove odours, with TrueSteam technology that effectively cleans and sanitizes laundry with the touch of a button. 

This is a home dry cleaning unit and definitely minimizes your trips to the dry cleaning service. LG Condensor Dryers comes with True Steam technology that offers ultimate freshness and also reduce wrinkles during the drying process. 

The two-way tumbling feature allows minimizing laundry damages while maintaining the quality of the fabric. 

LG OLED Televisions reach new heights in visual excellence, enabling you to enjoy the deepest blacks, richest colours and the most realistic picture quality like never before seen. 

The α9 AI Processor uses deep-learning technology to offer the best imagery and audio experience, including the Gallery Mode option for immersing yourself in picture quality beyond your imagination. 

LG UHD TVs feature 4K Active HDR and an IPS 4K panel for accurate and vivid colours, plus spectacular realism from any angle. The Magic Remote enables you to use voice control to access all functions, while HDR Gaming offers fine-tuned graphics and DTS Virtual: X brings you flawless multi-dimensional audio. 

You can also enjoy online content through streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and more with WebOS – where everything from sports to entertainment to news is at your fingertips hassle-free. 

LG X-Boom completes your audio experience with a Dual Woofer and Super Bass Boost for powerful sound, Multi- Colour Lighting and Party Strobe for the perfect party feel, microphone input to belt out your favourite karaoke tracks, plus Bluetooth and USB functions. 

Whether it’s to practise songs, have a sing-along with family or simply listen to music, LG X-Boom is the ideal partner for you. 

All LG products are available at Abans showrooms island wide and BuyAbans.com, with a trusted warranty, excellent aftersales services and delivery to your home. Call 0115 999000 for more details.

RP | Published: 5:27 PM Sep 10 2021

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