Turkish Envoy hails 97th Anniversary of Turkey

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 29 2020
News Turkish Envoy hails 97th Anniversary of Turkey

The proclamation of the Republic of Turkey on 29 October 1923 was the achievement of the liberation torch lighted by the Founder of the Republic, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, when he arrived in Samsun on 19 May 1919. Today, we still work in the light of the independence torch lit that day, Turkish Ambassador R. Demet Şekercioğlu said.

Issuing a release on the occasion of the 97th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Turkey, she said:

“The Republic, which Atatürk defines as “the administration that best suits the character and the customs of the Turkish Nation,” is the greatest heritage and inalienable value bestowed on the Turkish Nation.

The Republic is a mobilisation. It is a social transformation achieved in economy, law, health, education, social life, in short, in every field, with the awareness that victories won in the battlefield will not be sufficient for full independence.   

With the inception of the Republic, Turkish women were able to come to the rightful place they deserved in the society; they gained the right to vote and to become eligible in 1934, well before some European countries. And a country emerged from the ashes of the Empire labelled as the ‘sick man of Europe,’ has become an integrated country into the world with its worldwide renowned scientists, artists, and Nobel laureates.  

Moreover, Turkey has turned into an exemplary country, which can stand on its own power. The resilience of Turkey’s economy is mainly based on its solid public finances, well-capitalised banks, and a dynamic and diversified private sector. Turkey is a G20 country and its economy ranks in the 6th place in 2018 among European countries. It is also the biggest humanitarian aid donor worldwide, when the ratio of official humanitarian assistance to national income (0.85 per cent) is taken into consideration. None of these achievements is a coincidence; they are the results of the solid foundations laid by the Republic.

97 years since its establishment, Turkey has become a respected and prominent partner of the international community with its humanitarian and entrepreneurial foreign policy, secular and social State understanding, young and dynamic population, strong economy, humanitarian aid and honest diplomacy understanding, in a harsh geography full of conflicts and instability. The young Republic never strayed from the principle adopted by its Founder ‘Peace at Home, Peace in the World.’ 

To maintain our achievements, we are working hard to sustain the progress in all fields including art, science and technology. In unity and solidarity as a Nation, we strive to overcome all artificial obstacles, which have been placed in our path to prevent our efforts. It will be recalled that thousands took the streets to protect the democracy and the Republic against the heinous coup attempt on the night of 15 July 2016.  

Today, Turkey is one of the unique countries with a majority Muslim population, which successfully blended democracy, pluralistic political system, liberal economy and modernity with its cultural identity and tradition. Turkey, along with its growing economy, has also strengthened her position as a regional power with a strong Army and defence industry gradually developing in recent years. 

We will continue to fight decisively against the ambushes set before us, such as the thwarted coup attempt of 15 July 2016 and support provided to terrorist organisations targeting Turkey’s security, and proceed with determination to carry our Republic beyond to the level of advanced civilisation. This is the main goal of the Turkish Nation. 

While continuing on this path, we will always remember the founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in arms, as well as all our martyrs and veterans who have sacrificed their lives to build and keep our Republic alive and strong.”

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 29 2020

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