Top Furniture Trends of 2021

By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 12:15 PM Sep 5 2021
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By Sadira Sittampalam

With a lot more of our time spent at home over the last year, it is safe to say we pay a lot more attention to our home decor. This has led to some new furniture trends coming up, all dealing with designs to do with raw materials, weaves, and curves. All of these trends are also quite related to the new sustainable mindset where every purchase should be a conscious or well-thought-out purchase. Thus, while this list is about the hottest new furniture trends, I still urge you to take a few months to think about whether these trends would make your home look better rather than just blindly following them.

 Tubular furniture

 I don’t know about you, but over the last lockdown, my family got a lot closer as we were forced to spend more time together. We started eating dinner together and interacting throughout the day, and our living room was where this all came together. The tubular furniture trend only strengthens the homeliness of a living room as rather than having regimented rows of furniture, a curve softens the overall look of the room, adding a bold design focus for the room but also creating a much more welcoming space. It allows you to put people at ease in the room, while also adding excitement to the room with its shape. Especially as most furniture is designed in this clinical, boxy fashion, any curvature will instantly stand out. You can also add to the curvy furniture by adding in a circular rug. Alternatively, you can just get a regular rug with a geometric pattern to highlight the various shapes in the room.

 Natural materials

 There has been a huge paradigm shift in the use of synthetic materials in recent years when considering things like climate change, microplastics, and sustainability. Synthetic cheap furniture is no longer in trend, and more often than not, people are willing to spend a little more on a quality product made out of natural materials. There has been a growing focus in design on products made from wood, wool, stone, and ceramics. Natural materials just add a needed human dimension to our environment that also has beneficial effects on our health and happiness. Natural materials simply offer a multi-sensory experience and are things that our brains are naturally drawn to. It helps that these pieces of furniture often last a lot longer, are more attractive and don’t release microplastics into the air through continual use. Particularly for a tropical country like Sri Lanka, natural materials help cool the home, while synthetic materials gather heat. Thus, this furniture trend is likely one that is going to stay, as it promotes sustainability.

 Woven forms

 The texture is one of the most important factors in decorating any home. It offers more to look at and excites the eye. This year, there has been a trend that leans towards including woven textures. Think bamboo headboards, rattan seating, or cane tables. This is also in line with the natural material’s trend. I’m sure all of us have an old rattan or cane chair or table in our house. However, this trend brings these forms to the forefront of our eyes, making these textures prominent in our houses. These forms give our homes that rustic charms, making the room feel relaxed and warm. These forms often blend into any style or scheme of a house and are therefore very easy to accommodate while also being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

 Painted furniture

 This is one of the best trends for those who love the classic looks of a traditional house, mixed with crisp modern linear designs. This trend involves having one piece of furniture painted in order to add a pop of colour to a space. You have a limitless choice of colours to paint your furniture in order to make it fit in with the room and your decor style, but also to help the room feel more exciting and dynamic. This is one of the easiest ways you can update any space. For people who want a bold change, you can paint over or purchase a large item such as a cabinet in a contrasting colour. While people who want a simple change can try a softer approach by layering tonal variations of a certain hue. Moreover, you can always repaint the item of furniture if you ever want to make a change, which is quite advantageous.

 Multifunctional furniture

 The 21st century is an era of rapid technological innovation and population growth. However, this means that we are reaching a time where we are going to have less and less space available. This connects with new innovative furniture that will let you make any space seem bigger. A sofa that rolls out as a bed, a pull-out study table? These are all furniture items that are gaining traction as everyone seems to suffer from a lack of space. While initially, these designs were rather shoddy, we have reached a point where there is so much demand for these items.


 While vintage has always been in style, this year, vintage is something that everyone seems to be looking for. Once again, this fits in with this new sustainable mindset, as reusing old, hearty, and study furniture is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Moreover, these pieces of furniture really are pieces that were made to last, their design is much more thought out and you will rarely face any problems with them. However, building up the vintage style does take some work, as it is the kind of look that needs layering, so when picking vintage-style pieces, choose things over time that would mean something to you personally. Then use small decor details to match the vintage style to the rest of the room - wood items work best for this.

 Freestanding designs

 This is one look that when used will give your decor a dramatically different look from a standard scheme. The definition of free-standing furniture is something that can remain in the appropriate upright position on its own without help from external forces or without being bolted or attached to the wall. This makes any floor plan feel a lot more eclectic but also allows you to blend a variety of different furniture styles together as the freestanding furniture is meant to be seen by itself and not in conjunction with anything else. This also gives your room a sense of space, freedom and visual excitement. However, the way you use this style is key as freestanding furniture often looks better in a large room when there is no risk of it feeling crowded. Nevertheless, it can still work in a smaller space but you need to carefully think about its placing and its relationship with the other furniture in the room.

By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 12:15 PM Sep 5 2021

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