Top Five Picks with Glamour

Compiled by Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:05 AM Jun 19 2021
Glamour Top Five Picks with Glamour

Compiled by Shafiya Nawzer

Modest fashion is becoming a more inclusive way of dressing for women, regardless of religious and cultural background. Modest style influencers are using their social media platforms to showcase their voices for modest fashion. From fashion magazine covers, hijabi supermodels starring in leading campaign shoots; the concept of modest dressing is being constantly redefined to represent the growing influence of the modest community.

Zainab Faizal is popularly known as QueenBae on Instagram with over 50,000 followers. She is a content creator and freelance social media manager for a handful of brands. Traveling is one of her favourite things to do. “I love packing up a suitcase and the adrenaline rush of getting on a flight and exploring a new country or maybe London a few times a year,” Zainab stated.

 Zainab is always on point with her sleek styling choices; the clothes do all the talking. She has an artsy approach to clothing and an effortless mix of layers. Commenting on her sense of style, Zainab added, “I would say my style is minimal, modest and timeless. I don’t necessarily like keeping up with trends, only because it’s pointless investing on pieces that would be popular this one minute and not the next, ain't nobody got time for that!” 

She often transforms a classic look into an Haute modern-day approach. Zainab’s outfits provide everyday inspiration for conservative dressing with a blend of affordable pieces and designer accessories no matter the occasion. “To me, my style speaks volume about my personality; I take my shoes, accessories, handbags serious, as I would clothes. It’s about feeling amazing, empowering, fierce and above all - comfortable. I always seek comfort in whatever I wear, and have a capsule collection that I always enjoy mixing and matching until I’ve run out of combinations,” she explained.

Here are Zainab’s top five styling tips for modest outfits?


  • Invest in good innerwear! Sadly modest fashion globally still has a lot of work to be done. Simply adorning a white model with a hijab doesn’t automatically make it modest. So get those long-sleeved T-shirt’s and leggings in the colours you’re most likely going to wear. 


  • Want to tuck in your T-shirt’s and show off your statement belt without having to compromise on your modesty? Then get yourself a collection of flowy pants and baggy/wide-legged jeans. They instantly make any outfit cool and retro! 


  • Maxi skirts are your best friends, they cover your butt and you look absolutely gorgeous especially with the many prints and styles you can find! 


  • A long line blazer can give you that edgy look. It also brings in the aspect of smart casual and you can look like you know what you’re doing, go one size up with a blazer and pair with printed T-shirts and a tulle skirt. You’re Rockin! 


  • The monochromatic look never goes out of style, especially when you’re lazy. Two articles of clothing that work together because they match and the best part? When you’re feeling inspired you can easily create two different outfits and pair them with other pieces in your wardrobe! 

Compiled by Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:05 AM Jun 19 2021

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