TNA seeks joint US-India role for SL political solution

TPL | Published: 10:40 AM Nov 27 2021
Politics TNA seeks joint US-India role for SL political solution

The Tamil National Alliance has asked the United States to collaborate with India and jointly push for a political solution in Sri Lanka.

A TNA delegation led by MP M.A. Sumanthiran conveyed this at a recent meeting with US State Department officials in Washington DC.

“With the U.S. returning to the Human Rights Council, we think it is important that Washington advocates a political solution to the Tamil national question, along with pending issues of accountability and justice,” Sumanthiran has told ‘The Hindu’.

In the scheduled March 2022 session of the UNHRC in Geneva, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will present a written report on Sri Lanka.

While in the US, Sumanthiran also met Indian ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu, as well as India’s Permanent Representative to the UN T.S. Tirumurti in New York to brief them about the TNA’s outreach to the US.

“Washington has kept New Delhi informed of our discussion, and the TNA too held a series of meetings with the Indian High Commissioner Gopal Baglay in Colombo ahead our visit to the US,” the TNA MP said.

“Without powers adequately devolved to the provinces, we cannot take on the [State’s] massive plan to change the demography of the Tamil-majority north and east through efforts to settle Sinhalese people and multiple threats to land belonging to Tamils, in the form of archeological or conservation projects,” he said.

TPL | Published: 10:40 AM Nov 27 2021

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