‘Tinker Lasantha’ killed in Police shootout

By Keerthi Mendis | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021
News ‘Tinker Lasantha’ killed in Police shootout

By Keerthi Mendis 

The main suspect in the murder of ‘Sunshine Suddha’, a criminal in the Southern Province, ‘Tinker Lasantha’ has died in an exchange of fire with the Police. It happened when ‘Tinker Lasantha’ was preparing to hand over to the Police, the firearm used in the murder of ‘Sunshine Suddha.’

Amila Prasanna alias ‘Sunshine Suddha’ was shot and killed on 3 September at Kotawila, Matara. Subsequent to arriving in a van and shooting to death ‘Sunshine Suddha’ ‘Tinker Lasantha’ had fled the area. 

Kotawila Police had conducted investigations and discovered that ‘Sunshine Suddha’ had been murdered by ‘Tinker Lasantha’ and his henchmen on instructions from Nadun Chinthaka alias ‘Harak Kata’, who is hiding in Dubai. ‘Tinker Lasantha’ who had been in hiding for a period of two and a half months since 3 September, was taken into custody by the Kalutara Division Crimes Investigation Unit. 

Police said that at the time of arrest, ‘Tinker Lasantha’ had planned to kill another individual in Kalutara and had been hiding with a firearm in his possession. When he was questioned subsequent to his arrest, it was revealed that in the house he was hiding, there was an automatic pistol and a live hand grenade to be used in assassinating individuals. The Police officers had taken the suspect Lasantha and gone to his house. Here there had been an exchange of fire between the suspect and the Police and it is reported that the Police had shot and killed him. Two Police officers sustained injuries in this shootout and were admitted to the Kalutara hospital, the Police said. 

They also said, ‘Tinker Lasantha’, who was killed, had quite a few cases filed against him at several courts in connection with 13 incidents of crime including murder, robbery, drug dealing etc. Further investigations are being conducted under the supervision of DIG in charge of the Kalutara District, Sarath Kumara.  

By Keerthi Mendis | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021

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