Tiesh Launches the Pavé Diamond Collection

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 4 2021
Glamour Tiesh Launches  the Pavé Diamond Collection

By Glamour Editorial

Everyone knows the best holiday packages are small, shiny and sophisticated. One of Sri Lanka’s leading jewellers ‘Tiesh’ celebrates the festive season with the launch of its new collection – the ‘Pavé Diamond Collection’. Pavé is the method of setting smaller diamonds into precious metal. Held in place with beads or metal prongs, they give the appearance of a line of continuous small diamonds. Looking at a ring with a pavé setting, one will see several tiny diamonds set closely together, resulting in a line of continuous sparkle.

Director of Tiesh, Ayesh de Fonseka explained about the collection, “The Tiesh Pavé Diamond Collection gets its name from the French word pavé (pronounced pa-vay) a method of diamond or gem setting, French in origin for paved, as in paving the ring, pendant earring etc., with tiny diamonds. This is because it features many tiny diamonds or other gemstones set close to each other, predominantly in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. The collection is joyous and exuberant.”

Tiesh’s latest collection has diamond jewellery for every occasion, perfect to celebrate your special moment. Their collections are crafted to perfection and available in a range of diamond colours and precious metals. “The Tiesh Pavé Diamond Collection is a youthful spin on classic designs and features pendants, necklaces, earrings, lapel pins, rings, bracelets, and even anklets. The jewellery is versatile and can be worn from morning till night; and the whole day through. The pieces are also very practical and simple. For example one can also choose from layered chains, which can be worn pairing two/three at the same time,” Ayesh further added.

The entry point for the Pavé Diamond Collection is relatively affordable compared to other collections. Tiesh uses high-quality diamonds from around the world and sources from top diamond cutters and merchants.

Director of Tiesh, Thiyasha de Fonseka added that Tiesh diligently used the lockdowns to upgrade its methods, processes, and designs to meet the challenges of the constantly evolving demands of a very discerning clientele. “Accurate testing of gold is critical in the jewellery business. We have acquired one of the most intricate gold testing machines in Sri Lanka and make sure that every piece is up to international standards,” Thiyasha stated.

The Pavé Diamond Collection is a gorgeous option for many styles and personalities. The small diamonds that line the band offer extra sparkle and elegance. It is designed in a way that adds extra sparkle, all while emphasising the beauty of the diamond. The jewels themselves are available in a wide range of styles, from modern settings to a range of classic designs that incorporate pavé set diamonds. These elegantly designed diamond jewellery easily add the perfect flair to any outfit.

In addition to the Pavé Diamond Collection, they have also expanded the collection featuring sapphires and 22-carat gold jewellery at the Tiesh’s showroom at 253, R.A. de Mel Mw, Colombo 3. The location is tastefully designed and has an ambiance of an international feel, making you feel like you’re overseas while still being in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Here are some pictures from the launch of ‘The Pavé Diamond Collection’ by Tiesh.

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 4 2021

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