THIRTEEN • THIRTYONE Summer Collection

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 25 2021
Glamour THIRTEEN • THIRTYONE Summer Collection

By Glamour Editorial 

It’s been a minute since we thought about getting all dressed up. Sure, we have been watching trends and carried over some of our go-to pieces, but have also been relying a lot on our sweatpants or other loungewear. A tropical country like Sri Lanka has only two seasons; sunny and rainy. These two seasons could hardly be told apart as the bouts of rain pour during the warm season and the sweltering heat surrounds the cold season blur the lines between them. With restrictions easing up, nights are getting longer, people are going out and we’re feeling the itch to dress up. 

With a few cute outfit ideas on deck, you’ll be ready to go just about anywhere. THIRTEEN • THIRTYONE (13.31) is a local designer wear brand that brings the tropics to your wardrobe. Offering a variety of stylish silhouettes, exotic prints and chic basics! From bright coloured shirts to the season’s hottest trends and warm-weather-ready outfits; their clothing is ready to transform your closet. 

Warm-weather formulas, like a flowy dress with white sneakers, can be easily re-created with staples you already own, but there are plenty of cuter outfit ideas worth shopping for right now. And if you’re looking to step up your game and experiment with personal style, these statement pieces from 13.31’s latest summer collection will help you nail your appearance. The Collection was inspired by the year-long summer in Sri Lanka and designed keeping in mind the tropical weather.

Suitable for the warm days, for a weekend away by the beach, a special occasion with your closest and dearest, to feel your best on a date night/dinner with friends, or a sunny morning brunch. The fabrics are soft cotton, viscose and cool linens. They have also incorporated a few prints that are vibrant and colourful to give you the feel of being on holiday, and a few luxurious fabrics. A palette of sorbet colours punctuated by brighter nuances makes up this new wardrobe with romantic and summery influencers. The blouses and dresses are adorned with prints. There’s a piece in this Collection that would fit into any of your moods.

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 25 2021

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