The Way It Is: The U.S. on Red Alert

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 18 2021

 What’s unfolding in the U S of America is hardly believable; rather the situation is bizarre and ominous. It is not for nothing  the FBI has asked that all Senates and seats of government in the 49 States take precautions to guard themselves against attack and the security in Washington beefed up very much with the US National Guard called out already to patrol the streets. This because of the inauguration of the new President on 21 January in Washington DC. The plan still is to go ahead with the usual high ceremony out of doors in full view of the Capitol in the National Mall in view of the National Monument and statue of Abe Lincoln.


Is what the FBI, other security outfits, Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House of Representatives – and Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ personal security guards trebled probably and working around the clock due to alarm over Muslim terrorists? Or has an alert gone out warning of the wall crashing with Mexican and other South American refugees pouring in? Or is the fear caused by Blacks defending with might their Black Lives Matter dictum? Or do they fear aliens approaching in their space ships? No, the fear arises from their own people: white supremacists and diehard, led-by-the-nose Republicans. Yes, hard to believe but true the President of the United States incited them to mob the Capitol and they entered both the Senate and House of Reps, interrupting violently the votes being taken on the final decision to declare Biden’s victory in the presidential race.  Trump’s call was to defend America which in his thinking corresponds withretaining him in power as the President. He failed with the right of the people’s vote. So now he incites them again, not now spoken but by other means to not allow the inauguration to proceed smoothly and to rouse the nation with widespread foul protest.

A fear sending chills down spines, especially those in hot seats of power is that Donald Trump may press that all important red button and send nuclear missiles helter skelter. That fear is not at all unfounded nor exaggerated. He is capable of anything. I listened to an interview with a psychiatrist/psychologist who in no uncertain terms said that Trump is a psychopath, a very dangerous man with a mind deranged. Specially now when his power is being taken away, lawfully though it be, and he will be reduced to nothing, braggart that he is. Such a man cannot take defeat more so after having tasted the highest power. 


Having voted Trump in as President  in 2016 was a major quirk of the American nation but it did happen and he got a huge majority defeating Hillary Clinton who was steeped in politics  having been a Senator, First Lady and serving Obama’s first term as Secretary of State.

Then Trump’s continued popularity, diminishing fast but still strong so his call to show strength was taken up and the Capitol stormed. Recently I got a video clip that showed Kamala Harris in two shots, one on the cover and one within in a recent Vogue magazine. But Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have both been on Vogue covers. Harris’ style of suit worn is critiqued. Some say too expensive, some opine it’s without style and therefore cheap.  Fortunately, Kamala Harris is smart, as smart as can be and clever and very strong in personality though her smiles are wide and sincere. She cares not for these criticisms but will surely be conscious of those leveled against her in her job.

It is hard to believe that one man can cause so much harm in a so called civilised country – one of the two greatestat present and while being considered to hold the position of highest world leader. But we see it all before our very eyes via TV. Biden will be the polar opposite of him;the best being he is trustworthy. We have had leaders who sent our country spinning with the Sinhala Only Act in the mid 1950s and a President handing over the reins of Government to a minority Opposition just two years ago, principally in a bid to save his skin and retain power. The first is still causing friction and was a factor causing the civil war. The second man was judged to have acted contrary to the Constitution. He got his just desserts by being deserted by the Party he deserted and then helped. But one never knows how Sri Lanka will fare in the future, when political changes are made.


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 18 2021

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