The Six Little Superheroes

By Methulini Mallikarachchi | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 15 2022
Scribbler The Six Little Superheroes

By Methulini Mallikarachchi

Illustrated by Dinodi Dahamya Rathnayaka

Nancy, Mary, Kate, George and Tom were best friends. They always played in the afternoon after school. One beautiful sunny afternoon Nancy came to play late. 

She came running to the others and said, “Friends, guess what happened today. When I was cutting sticks in the forest to build a kite I heard someone crying from a cave and went there and saw a little boy in a cage and next to him a hunter drying some meat. As I think that boy is kidnapped”.

 Other friends exclaimed “Oh really!” 

Mary said, “Nancy can you remember where they were so we can go and watch what’s going on and if that hunter goes we can go and ask that boy what had happened?” 

“Yes Mary. That’s a good idea. They are staying in the dense part of the forest,” Nancy said. 

Tom said, “Then let’s go.” 

“No wait. It’s dangerous to go to the forest without food and water. Let’s go home and bring them. Bring a knife to clear our way if bushes or small trees are there,” George said. 

Then everybody brought the necessary things and Mary also brought her pet dog Sandy with her. Then the five friends along with Sandy started their journey. When they reached the correct place they climbed a tree and watched and saw the hunter was going to go to lay a trap in the forest so after he went they crept to the little boy and asked what was going on.

He replied, “I’m John. I was kidnapped by this hunter when I was going home from school three days ago. I really miss home. Could you please do me a favour? Here’s my address. Go to my home and tell my parents about me and they will come to rescue me. Now you all go. The hunter can come quickly.”

 While they were listening to John the hunter had come and was listening to them secretly. When John stopped talking, the hunter came forward and caught George and Tom. Before he caught the others they ran away quickly. Now only Mary, Kate and Nancy were left. They quickly went to John’s home and told his parents about John and they all went to the forest along with the police and rescued John, Tom and George. The hunter was arrested. They all thanked Mary, Nancy and Kate and also George and Tom for coming to rescue John. They also gave a nice big bone to Sandy. From then onwards they were called as ‘The Six Little Heroes’. In the newspaper the next morning there was a picture of ‘The Six Little Heroes’ on the front page.

By Methulini Mallikarachchi | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 15 2022

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