The Real Story of the People Forced to Stand in the Line of Fire

By Lughadrini Yogaraja | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 26 2021

By Lughadrini Yogaraja

The proud national anthem of Sri Lanka starts off with the words “Namo, Namo Matha...” unique is that it is a song of praise of the country alone. It does not specifically glorify any race, caste, creed, community or religion. It is non-partisan and appeals to the patriotism of all the people in Mother Lanka. Due to Sri Lanka’s strategic geographic position we were lucky to be spared from much of the world’s wars. Our own armies have not gone out solely on the intention to instill an act of terror or conquer lands; Sri Lankans are not a martial race spoiling for a war nor a fight. However, when  ideologies  and  differences  cannot  be  settled  amicably  the  weapons  speak,  wars  happen bringing  violent  death  and  massive  destruction  to  the  economic  structure  and  the  overall deterioration of social standards. Similarly in history, Sri Lanka has a few dark pages where the country underwent several communal clashes which turned into bloody wars.

Human Shields 

The LTTE, or also known as the Tamil Tigers, emerged out with a dedicated aim to the fight for an independent state for the Tamils. Thereafter the LTTE began the war by ambushing an Army convoy and killing 13 soldiers. The incident provoked riots leading to the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, which began in 1983. This incurred heavy human and economic costs with many lives lost, with more than one million people displaced and civilian with acute humanitarian need. 

When the LTTE was eventually defeated and its leadership brought to an end on 18 May 2009, many lives were lost due to the civil war and many still suffer from its consequences. The war was noted for its extreme bitterness, with the Tamil Tigers using suicide bombing, human shields, child soldiers as their tactical weapons. During the long-drawn war in Sri Lanka civilians have been extensively used as shields for protection, coercion, or deterrence. The term ‘human shields’ is described as a method of warfare prohibited by the International Humanitarian Law where the presence of civilians or the movement of the civilian population, whether voluntary or involuntary, is used in order to shield military objectives from attack, or to shield, favour or impede military operations. In both international and non-international armed conflicts, the use of human shields is prohibited and the rules are set in the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions, as well as the Additional Protocol I. Additionally, the International Criminal Court declares that “utilising the presence of a civilian or other protected person to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations” constitutes a war crime. During the war the LTTE had forced many innocent civilians into a narrow strip of land on Sri Lanka’s north-eastern coast, effectively using several hundred thousand people as human shields. The LTTE heavily incurred and injured and brutally killed many of those who were trying to flee from their control of the war zone and seek basic humanitarian assistance and shelter in Government-held territory, which was on standby to help and rescue innocent civilians. LTTE forces had also deployed near densely populated areas, placing civilians in increased danger of attack.  According to Human Rights Watch Report titled ‘Trapped and Mistreated’ December 2008, the LTTE used the displaced population as a human shield and preventing them from leaving LTTE territory.

No Fire Zone 

It is evident that no attention has been paid towards the actions of the LTTE for forcibly taking a large population of Tamil civilians into an area demarcated by Sri Lanka’s Government as the No Fire Zone and making them immune from attack. The LTTE had bundled civilians (as hostages or human shields) into schools, places of religious worship, hospitals etc. After a long struggle by the valiant Sri Lanka Army 58 Division, the armed forces rescued over 30,000 civilians held hostage by LTTE terrorists at Puthumathalan and Amplalavanpokkani areas which were liberated.  The  mass  rescue  operation  reached  a  huge  significant  phase  when  troops captured the 3 km long earth bund built by the LTTE, on the western border of the No Fire Zone in (20 April 2009) with this capture it created a safe route for the hostages to come out of the LTTE’s grip and gave tens of thousands of civilians to be free to seek refuge with the soldiers of Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Defence sources on the field said that LTTE terrorists have launched many  cowardly  attacks  at  the  Tamil  civilians  who  tried  to  leave  their  grip.  The special  correspondent  in  the  area  has  said  that  three  LTTE  suicide  cadres  have  exploded themselves killing dozens of refugees including women and children.  “The terrorists initially fired at the civilians on the causeway using heavy machine guns. When they stepped into the lagoon  to  avoid  LTTE  machine  gunfire,  three  LTTE  cadres  ran  on  to  them  and  exploded themselves”.

However, when we take a look at the LTTE they have deliberately prevented civilians under its effective control from fleeing to areas and unlawfully placed many lives at grave risk. The LTTE has forced civilians to retreat and prolonged the danger they faced and kept them far apart from obtaining any sort of humanitarian assistance thus to make it convenient for them to use the civilians as human shield for their own advantage. Furthermore, as the areas that were controlled by the LTTE strengthened the trapped civilians became the concentrated; increasing risk in the events of attacks and placed great strains on the civilian’s life, thus making situation difficult for the Government to defend and save lives. The civilians were more desperate to escape these torture chambers  and  more  and  more  people   tried  to  flee  from  the  so-called  LTTE  controlled territories. As mentioned on the video the LTTE has forcibly tried to block these attempts by firing at civilians. The fact that many innocent Tamil civilians were desperately seeking to escape from the LTTE’s grip clearly indicates the amount of false accusations of a genocide and mass killings by the Sri Lankan armed forces is simply a major smokescreen and nothing short of ridiculing an achievement no military has been able to do in the world. The so-called patriotic supporters of LTTE through an euphoric fantasy called the Eelam sensationalising, have hidden  the  most  horrid  crimes  that  should  have  been  condemned  worldwide  and  international organisations must look into the atrocities and shed light on the real story that took place during the war.

The LTTE’s killing of civilians, LTTE’s use of military equipment among civilians, LTTE’s forcible recruitment and forced labour, LTTE’s killing of civilians through suicide attacks and the crime involved in demanding that its recruits (forced or otherwise) commit suicide by taking cyanide is the reality that happened to the civilians who were forced to stand between the line of fire proves that these ruthless radicals have indeed committed several crimes and twisted and turned the stories to portray the Sri Lankan Government in a unpleasant manner and accusing the Government of harming the civilians when their main intention was to safeguard all Sri Lankans. 

If the no fire zone or civilian safety zone was meant to be a safe haven only for the civilians

– what were LTTE terrorists including its own leader doing inside this zone as an armed terror group when they should have been fighting the Sri Lankan Military? Perhaps this step might prove the fact that they were using the innocent Tamil civilians as a human shield and thus putting countless lives for their own selfish thoughts.

Thus, it is a clear violation of international laws and war ethics especially when LTTE was using the very civilians who have been used as an active slogan for international propaganda purposes to warrant acceptance internationally and to allow it to secretly camouflage its terrorism. It must be noted that the Sri Lankan military ensured to follow all principles and continually made way to uphold the civilian’s safety at all cost. All the targets were evaluated, timely moreover, the Army had been given orders to adhere to a ‘zero civilian casualty’ policy.

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

                           - George Orwell

The  LTTE  employed  a  variety  of  tactics  to  offset  their  own  weakness  and  exploited  the vulnerabilities of the Sri Lankan armed forces. In contrast the Sri Lankan Government’s main focus was to have minimum casualties keeping in mind that the lives of each of every Sri Lankan was important the many valiant soldiers scarified their lives to the betterment of the country. Yet certain mouth  pieces  or  devoted  patrons  living  abroad  and  internally  have  twisted  the  story  and fabricated  their  lies  to  projected  the  Sri  Lankan  Government’s  efforts  into  something  almost invisible. The crimes committed by the LTTE should be brought to a spot light, questions must be raised, and the silence must be shattered.  The method that they introduced  to  the  world  such  as pioneering the use of suicide bombers and human shields should serve a chilling reminder to Governments and international forums around the world on just how formidable an insurgent group can become.


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By Lughadrini Yogaraja | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 26 2021

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