The Galaxy Z Fold2’s Multifaceted Design

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 24 2020

If the concept of ‘ability’ is about having the capacity to accomplish something, ‘attitude’ is the mindset that makes that accomplishment a reality. When it comes down to it, the attitude of the Galaxy Z Fold2 can be summed up as a combination of three elements: determination (to redefine what smartphone users can do with their device), flexibility (to seamlessly alternate between work and play), and last but not least, the confidence to stand out.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 was designed to empower users to be just as determined, flexible and confident as the smartphone itself. Samsung’s latest flagship device unfolds an entirely new way of life – one that transcends the limitations of yesterday, makes it easier to juggle more roles than ever, and allows you to focus on being yourself. The Galaxy Z Fold2 has been optimized, inside and out, to take the foldable smartphone experience to the next level.

The device’s delicately refined UI elevates the quality of the overall user experience, while its expanded Cover Screen further enhances usability. The Cover Screen itself has been made larger, measuring a full 6.2 inches, and its bezels have been made thinner. The combination of a 6.2-inch Cover Screen and a 7.6-inch Main Screen makes the Galaxy Z Fold2 similar in size to a typical smartphone when folded, and a small tablet when opened. When viewing content, the thinner bezels and notch-less Infinity-O Display maximise immersion, allowing users to enjoy the full benefits that come with a bigger screen.

The smartphone’s expanded Cover Screen unlocks a variety of convenient experiences. Now, users can do just as much on the Galaxy Z Fold2’s Cover Screen as they could on a typical smartphone’s screen. 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 24 2020

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