Tenth House –Key to Determining Profession - Part 5

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 13 2021
Horoscope Tenth House –Key to Determining Profession - Part 5

By Vishwamitra

In our previous articles on the above subject we explained the significance of the 10th House which is generally referred to as Karmasthana in the Natal Chart of a person. 

We also said that it is the 10th House that provides the clue to determine the native’s social status, occupation, or profession, among several other things. 

Determinant of the strength of a horoscope

The key factors that serve as a yardstick to measure the strength of a horoscope of an individual are the Sun, the Moon, Lagna or the 1st House, 10th House and the 9th House. We have also familiarized our readers with the cardinal points that:

 The Sun, the Moon, the Lagna, the 10th House and the 9th House are strong in the horoscopes of great men and women in the history of human civilization. 

In assessing the strength of the 10th House, a student of Astrology should remember that the 10th House from the Chandra Lagna (the sign where the Moon is posited in a horoscope) too should be carefully judged before arriving at a conclusion. In fact, all ancient sages, and scholars like Varahamihira have emphasized the need to judge a horoscope of an individual on the basis of the Chandra Lagna as well. 

According to the principles enunciated by ancient sages, there are three primary factors to be considered as a prerequisite for reaching judgement of any House. They are: 1. Nature of the House, whether a quadrant, Moolatrikona or a Dusthana (the 6th, 8th, and the 12th), 2. the lord of the House and 3. Karaka Planet or planets of the House. According to the classical work, Jataka Parijata, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are the Karakas of the 10th House and that both planets occupying the 10th House and the sign falling in the 10th hold the key to determining one’s profession or occupation. Therefore, the readers have to get familiar first with the professions signified by planets and signs. 

In the previous articles we discussed the professions signified by the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. Now let us discuss the professions signified by Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. 

Professions signified by Saturn: Saturn indicates professions or occupations associated with the material things that it rules over and usually lowly jobs involving manual hard labour. 

Saturn rules over materials such as stones, metal, lead, cement and grains. It also represents things lying hidden underground like iron, petroleum, coal and graphite.  Therefore, Saturn signifies occupations relating to trading in these materials or involving the direct use of these materials. 

Therefore, Saturn denotes miners, bricklayers and metal workers.  Saturn represents farmers because it is the planet that rules over grains. 

If Saturn is the lord of the 3rd or the 4th House, the native might be a railway worker.

Saturn being a Significator for leather and hides, the native would make his livelihood as a cobbler or shoe maker. 

A native with Saturn as the lord of the 7th House and coming under the beneficial aspect or the association of Venus might become sculptor.

According to Indian sage Satyacharya with Saturn directly influencing the means of living, one might earn one’s livelihood by splitting wood, cutting stones, carrying fuel, and dealing in hides and skins. 

Vidyanatha Dikshita says in his classical work Jataka Parijata Saturn indicates all types of low and despicable occupations. Therefore, Saturn signifies butchers, hunters, fraudsters and racketeers as well.  

Professions signified by Rahu: Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets. The results they produce depend largely on the planets aspecting and associating with them. The strengths of these two planets also according to the House and the sign they are placed in.

Rahu denotes hunting, low jobs, degraded acts, exile, theft, magic, sorcery, inventions, litigation, science, psychology, metaphysics, violence and accidents. 

Rahu is a cruel planet and denotes cruel acts. Like Saturn it also signifies indolence, apathy, and slow performance. 

Rahu also indicates politics and bad habits like drinking, gambling, and cheating. Rahu also indicates poisonous insects and snakes.

Rahu signifies grandfather and inheritances from him. Therefore, occupations or professions signified by Rahu are those having something to do with the things and persons it represents. 

Professions signified Ketu:  Ketu though considered an evil planet like Mars is also referred to as Gnana Karaka– giver of wisdom and also as Moksha Karaka – giver of emancipation. Therefore, it represents religious knowledge, scriptures, spiritual studies, and the knowledge leading to emancipation. 

Ketu also denotes fraudulent means, treachery, and deception. It also represents sinful acts. 

Ketu denotes occult sciences and philosophy. It indicates, intrigues, plots, and strife. 

Being a cruel planet, Ketu makes one ill-mannered and sinful. What Ketu rules over as in the case of other planets provides the key to determine the professions it signifies.                                  

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 13 2021

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