Tenth House – key to determining profession

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021

By Vishwamitra

The 10th House which is generally referred to as ‘Karmasthana’ is a very important House in the Natal Chart of a person.

It is the 10th House that provides the clue to determine the native’s social status, occupation, or profession, among several other things. 

The ancient classical work on Astrology Phaladeepika says that the Sun represents, among other things Vyapara (trades or businesses), Aspada (rank or position), Jaya (success), Kirti (fame) Karma (activity, occupation, profession), Vyoma (zenith or apex) Achara (ethical conduct), Travritti (propensities) and Ajna (command).

The key factors that serve as a yardstick to measure the strength of a horoscope of an individual are the Sun, Moon, Lagna or the 1st , 10th  and the 9th House.

We find that the Sun,  Moon,  Lagna, the 10th House and the 9th House are strong in the horoscopes of great men and women in the history of human civilization. 

In assessing the strength of the 10th House, a student of Astrology should remember that the 10th House from the Chandra Lagna (the sign where the Moon is posited in a horoscope) and should  carefully judge before arriving at a conclusion. In fact, all ancient sages, and scholars like Varahamihira have emphasized the need to judge a horoscope of an individual on the basis of the Chandra Lagna as well. 

We hope that our readers are already familiar with the factors such as aspects, conjunctions, associations  that render a planet or a House strong or weak.

According to the principles enunciated by ancient sages, there are three primary factors to be considered as a prerequisite for reaching judgement of any House. They are: 1. Nature of the House, whether a quadrant, Moolatrikona or a Dusthana (the 6th, 8th, and the 12th),  2. the lord of the House and 3. Karaka Planet or planets of the House. In this connection, we wish to familiarize our readers with the most important rules relating to the judgment of a House. They are:

All Houses or Bhavas produce beneficial results if occupied or aspected by benefics or their own lords

A House acquires strength when it is a Moolatrikona and the 2nd House is occupied by a benefic

The lord of the House becomes weak when it is placed in the 6th, 8th, or the 12th House or in an inimical or a fall sign. 

Malefics in the 6th, 8th, or the 12th House from it, afflicts that House. 

A House becomes very strong when the lord of the Lagna is associated with it.

Benefics placed on either side of a house or in the Moolatrikonas from it (1st, 5th, and the 9th) strengthens that House and enables it to produce good results.

According to the classical work, Jataka Parijata, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are the Karakas of the 10th House. 

Both planets occupying the 10th House and the sign falling in the 10th hold the key to determining one’s profession or occupation. Therefore, the readers have to get familiar first with the professions signified by planets and signs. 

Professions signified by the Sun: The Sun indicates rendering service to the king or the ruler – government service in the present context relating to governance. 

The Sun denotes government officials, administrators, and holders of high political office.

As the Sun indicates medicines, the Sun in the 10th House also indicates medical profession. 

The Sun also denotes gold, fire arms, fire, poisons, and forests which means that the Sun in the 10th House can indicate a profession or an occupation closely associated with one of the aforesaid things. For example, the Sun in the 10th House may signify the native would become a manager of a firearms factory. 

The ancient sages have described the Sun as the Significator of trust, authority, and command. Therefore, the Sun in the 10th House could also mean, a ruler, a banker, or an army commander. 

The reader at this point might wonder given such a wide range of possibilities indicated by the Sun in the 10th House, how could the wide selection be narrowed down to one or two professions. In this regard, it would suffice for the reader to remember that the factors influencing the Sun and the 10th House by aspects and other associations with both as well as the nature of the sign falling in the House go a long way in making the final judgment on the profession. 

(To be continued)             

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021

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