Teacher TUs should yield – Lanza

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 22 2021
News Teacher TUs should yield – Lanza

State Minister of Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure, Nimal Lanza said as the Government would do whatever is possible to solve issues faced by teachers, he hopes that discussions between the Government and teacher trade unions would be fruitful for the sake of children in the country.

This was said by the State Minister at a recent meeting of the Negombo Regional Coordinating Committee’s Functional Infrastructure Development and Livelihood Subcommittee at the Negombo Municipal Council Hall.

 He went on to say that the Government has chosen not to allow any additional disruption to children’s education, and that disrupting education is a grave injustice done to the youth. “I respectfully request everyone’s assistance in resuming academic activities of primary grades in selected schools without hesitation. We will support the teaching profession in any way we can. 

Salary hikes might take place if funds are available. Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. But let us see what we can do in the future. We hope that the conversations between the Government and trade unions will be fruitful for the sake of the children,” he said. He also stated that, in light of the fiscal problems posed by the pandemic, the Government has decided to operate schools which have less than 200 children, adding that teacher demands are not unjust. (TR)

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 22 2021

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