Taking the Future Head On: Cyaniq Global

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 1 2020
Tech Talk Taking the Future Head On: Cyaniq Global

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

Cyaniq is a diversified corporate holding based in Sri Lanka that has come a long way since its beginnings five years ago. In its short span, the company has grown and become a leader in its class, completing over 450 projects on behalf of their stakeholders, including ten of the top twenty corporates listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). Starting as a creative agency, they have grown exponentially and now own 15 different companies under its wing.

To learn more about their story and their vision for the future, Ceylon Today talked to Shehani Alles, Director and Head of Creative for Cyaniq Global. 

Cyaniq Global has come a long way during its five years. How can you best describe Cyaniq Global and what it does in Sri Lanka today?

A: We have come a long way from where Cyaniq Global started 5 years ago as a creative agency. We have now diversified it into a corporate holding company. We already have 15 ventures under our belt that fall under the categories of services, trading and innovation. We already have an established presence in Sri Lanka for our services in marketing consultation and innovation. This means while Cyaniq Global continues on its path to create and support ventures, parallel to this journey we’ve branched out into Cyaniq Communication where we offer our marketing and business consultancy services.

What was the inspiration that led to Cyaniq’s creation?

A: The Cyaniq team has always been an ambitious group with a passion for innovation. At the inception, the goal was to use the team’s combined expertise in the field to provide specialised solutions for businesses to achieve growth. The heart behind creating Cyaniq was to simply be a resourceful solutions based organization, focused on supporting businesses and individuals’ progress in their ventures. We are of the belief that it is not enough to just be a profitable enterprise in business but it is important to create a system of support that enables a collective growth across the board, increasing the chances for us as a country to really develop. All of this led to the creation of Cyaniq and it is what continues to drive Cyaniq.

Starting from a creative agency, how did Cyaniq diversify from being a creative agency to where it is in the present? 

A: While working with our clients, including the ten of the top 20 CSE listed companies that we’ve worked with, we not only focused on delivering their requirements but we took the time to understand their business really well. Through this process, we got involved in the internal processes and eventually started diversifying by partnering with our clients and reimagining the entire way those businesses run. We look at it as a value addition of the business structures and brands.

Can you mention some of the highlights of your five year journey as a company?

A: Our whole journey has been an amazing one to be on, but if I have to mention highlights, there are two in particular I would like to mention.

One is when we became the frontrunners for making influencer marketing significant in Sri Lanka by demonstrating the value of influencer led social media marketing as an effective marketing strategy. We also hosted the first ever Collaborator Forum in the nation. It was an initiative to bring together content creators, personalities, marketers and brands into one space to connect with each other while sharing ideas and learning from each other. The success of this really boosted our team in the direction of pursuing innovative thought streams as successful ventures.

The second highlight I would like to mention is really a credit to the team on how well they handled the lockdown we faced a couple of months ago due to this ongoing pandemic. Seeing how well the team stepped up and battled through that time was inspirational. Not only were we able to be of support to people and communities at that time through the creation of Kada Malu and Green Bean Express, we also managed to grow as a company through these challenges and that is a big statement to the resilience and resourcefulness of the Cyaniq Team. Interestingly enough, this pandemic has increased our strengths in using technology to advance businesses and that in itself is a big highlight for us because it opens up so many possibilities. 

What gave you the driving force to continue doing business with COVID-19 in the equation?

A: COVID-19 pretty much turned the world on its head, so to be sustainable there has to be a very fast turnaround in methods and ideas of how to go about doing business. It’s been a really difficult season for everyone around the world. People were struggling, businesses and ventures were also struggling to keep up. This has driven us to work even harder not only to keep our business going, but to also be a valuable resource for other business or at the very least an inspiration to others. Due to the hard work and dedication of the team, we can honestly say the setbacks of COVID-19 has not stunted our company, it has just brought out fresher ideas and new avenues to go down, it’s a lot more work, but we haven’t slowed down our efforts.

Have there been any other challenges that you’ve had to face along the way?

A: As any progress story goes, we’ve had our fair share of challenges in so many ways. It’s always been challenging for us because we are a team that believes in doing business differently and that is never easy. Innovation comes with a lot of road blocks, but we don’t really like to look at challenges as something that sets us back. We have chosen to shift our perspective of challenges and consider them being opportunities to do things differently, to expand the way we think and milestones to help us get to new levels.

What is your inspiration to continue moving forward amidst such adversity?

A: As I said before, challenges are just new opportunities to look at things differently and to find alternative solutions to problems. This mindset, combined with everything that is going on in the world right now we are more determined than ever to move forward and to take others forward with us. Being profitable is important in a business because we also have to be sustainable, but every passing day we are increasing in our conviction that there is no point to singular growth. As the saying goes, one tree does not make a forest.

All of this drives us and will continue to do so in the future.

What are Cyaniq’s plans for the future?

A: Cyaniq Global wants to keep growing as a successful corporate holding and build a name in the world of business and innovation as a progressive corporation with the knowledge on how to leverage skill and technology to be market leaders in whatever we choose to do. We have a big dream of being an influential brand, not only in the business we do, but also in the story we have to tell. If we can make just one person look at us, learn from our journey and walk towards their big dream, then we really have achieved a big part of what we set out to do, and that is our vision and the dream.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 1 2020

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