Suicides among children, teens increase – Sumithrayo

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 8 2020

The suicide rate of children and teens in Sri Lanka has increased this year when compared to last year, said officials of Sumithrayo Sri Lanka.

When contacted on 7 August, Sumithrayo noted that this mostly occurs with individuals who are not receiving much attention and love from family, society and friends. The reasons behind suicide attempts are misunderstandings or miscommunications between family members or parents and children, peer bullying, alcohol addiction, loneliness, social isolation and mainly mental illness. Furthermore, social media also plays a huge role in suicide by creating new trends among young people leading to copycat suicides. 

The lack of coping skills or strategies are the main reasons why persons fail to overcome emotions such as stress and depression, and therefore, it is the responsibility of parents or a guardian to support and love the child in order to discourage them from suicide, Sumithrayo stressed, adding that parents and guardians should always pay attention to their children’s every single activity by guiding and caring for them with love. 

“Listening is the most important thing when it comes to raising a child as they want to convey their experiences and emotions to their parents. Parents can definitely deter children from suicide when they start listening to them and then go on to help them lead happy and successful lives.”

The official from the Sumithrayo further noted that several organisations have been formed in Sri Lanka for suicide prevention by advising, suggesting and listening to teens, children and individuals of other age groups.  They assured that the details of every single person who seek help are kept strictly confidential. Sumithrayo also urged the public to be aware of the issue and help others to overcome the situation. The ones who need support can contact Sumithrayo via 011 269 2909, 011 269 6666, 011 268 3555 and [email protected]

“Help society overcome the suicide trend by being with them, listening to them and supporting them,” the official noted.   

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 8 2020

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