Stylish Storage Trends That Make Getting Organised Easier

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021
Home Stylish Storage Trends That  Make Getting  Organised Easier

By Shafiya Nawzer

Limited on space or have too much stuff to deal with? Who says storage has to be unsightly bins, cluttered drawers, and messy shelves? Utilitarian pieces can be super chic, especially if you style them just right.  If you’re short on space, you don’t have to shove things under the bed or in your closet to feel at ease. There are so many stylish ways to store, from baskets and boxes to racks, containers, and wall shelving. These storage solutions will help you de-clutter every room in your home.

Personalised   mudroom storage

Mudrooms will continue to be in high demand in the coming year. More than just a drop zone, mudrooms are evolving to include dedicated storage for each member of the household. Rather than having everyone's shoes end up in a giant basket where you can't find anything, give every family member their hook and basket to store their items. Cubbies, bins, lockers, crates, and hangers also do the job, as long as they're marked for the intended user. Labels, colour coding, or photos help identify storage and keep everyone on track. This individualised approach not only contributes to peace of mind but also helps everyone get out the door more efficiently when it's time to leave.

DIY canned food   organiser

If you have a small kitchen, this could be a huge space-saver for you. That space between the wall and the fridge is usually ‘dead space’. Make the most of it by creating a tall, narrow pullout storage cart or rack to hold canned goods, spices, and oils.

Clothing and   jewellery racks

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate dressing room or you have a spot in the corner of your bedroom or closet, try a stylish clothing rack in a modern or industrial style or even a bookcase or étagère as a shoe rack as well as storing clothes and accessories. A clothing rack and bookcase can double as a decor piece and serve a major storage purpose. Now you can display favourite pieces from your wardrobe on heavy rotation. If you have a small space or a room with no closet, these clothing racks also come in very handy.

Baskets and boxes

Decorative woven baskets and storage boxes not only keep magazines, accessories, toys, and more stashed away, but the natural textures look great in your space. Have them under a console table, near your sofa, in your bedroom, or even as drawers in a bookcase or room divider.

Furniture that pulls   double-duty

Multi-functional, multi-use pieces of furniture are a must going forward. These items make the most of the space already in use — a real bonus when major renovations or small floor-plan changes aren't on the cards. For example, an ottoman with storage at the foot of the bed instead of a bench, or a desk with drawers rather than a simple desktop, can go a long way to increasing a room's storage and organisation capabilities. Take advantage of vertical space: Think traditional bookshelves, wall-mount vanities that free up floor space, and mirrors with hidden storage.

Organise your water bottles and travel mugs

This storage idea may seem simple and obvious, but travel mugs and water bottles aren't the easiest things to organise. How often have you hunted through your cabinets looking for a travel coffee mug while on the way out the door? By labelling dishpans or shallow bins for smarter, more compact storage, you'll never waste time searching again.

Carts and bookcases

No cabinet? No problem. Bookcases, rolling carts, and even bar carts let you get vertical with your storage. And there are so many that are majorly chic, so they’re not just for utilitarian purposes. Bookcases can be repurposed and used for your library, of course, as well as old magazines, shoes, folded clothes, accessories, and more. A bar cart can be used in almost any space and looks stunning as bathroom and kitchen storage or as a bedside table.

Nature-inspired colours   and materials

The great outdoors continue to influence home design, inspiring everything from a newly popular organic kitchen style to 2021 paint colour forecasts. It's also impacting storage in many ways. For starters, natural materials like rattan, jute, and leather are wildly popular materials for baskets and other furnishings that help corral clutter. Incorporating as many natural elements in your space remains a big feature that adds beautiful texture and organically appealing warmth to any room. Following a year with so many unknowns, it's no surprise homeowners are now turning to these calming, nature-inspired textures for a bit of zen.

The organic influence also impacts one of the biggest storage components of the home — cabinetry. With people spending more time at home, they are craving opportunities to spend time outdoors and are therefore bringing inspiration from nature into their spaces.

Shelving room dividers

Many of us are manipulating our current living situations to adjust to work from home and virtual school, being able to add a floating shelving unit to divide a living space into a living/workspace is very popular. Freestanding shelving, like bookshelves or cube storage units, is available in many shapes and sizes to accommodate almost any space and style. It can be used to physically and visually delineate areas while also adding at-hand storage. Wall-mount shelving can also work along long walls common in large, open concept homes. Incorporate a mix of closed storage and display space for a streamlined look.

Above-cabinet storage

The key to making high-up storage work is visibility. Wire baskets let you see through them; woven baskets don't. The wire is also more durable and much easier to clean (an important benefit for exposed storage containers in the kitchen).

Racks and shelving

Open shelving looks refreshing and modern, especially in the kitchen and dining room. As mentioned before, it’s usually easier to go up when creating storage space (especially if the area is smaller). Racks and shelving give a space visual height and they can look stylish and uncluttered. Try it in your kitchen, entryway, living room, and home office.

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 27 2021

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