STYLING shalwar kamee z

B y Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 4:21 AM May 8 2021
Glamour STYLING shalwar kamee z

B y Shafiya Nawzer

When talking about modest clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is shalwar kameez. There are many different styles and designs of shalwars available but the most common and traditionally worn are the Pakistani and Indian shalwar kameez. With the passage of time, the traditional shalwar dress has evolved into many different styles that it is hard to keep count of. By introducing variations of the top, as well as the bottom, shalwar kameez dresses have now come in a lot of styles. Here are few ways how you can style and elevate your shalwar kameez! 

Tulip cut shalwar kameez 

Tulip cut shalwar kameez is the trend in today’s fashion. Tulip cut style is a hit for both, casual and formal dressing, and looks sophisticated and appealing. It’s not just the shirts that the tulip cut is in for but even shalwars. Tulip pants are one bold and stylish twist to the basic shalwar. Mostly now tulip shalwars are worn with a little bit of beads at the front or a light lace at the front. You can also add tussles and borders to make them look fancier. 

Wide panchay trouser 

Although slim fitted or capri pant style trousers are still much in style, however recently a lot of celebrities are seen wearing ultra-wide ‘panchay’ trousers. The wide panchay trousers are quite comfortable to wear during summers. Get a few wide pacnahy trousers and pair them with various shirts. Both very long and knee-length short shirts are in trend with these wide pants. 

Short style kameez with Patiala shalwar

This look can never go out of fashion, no matter how many years pass by. A traditional short kameez and wide Patiala shalwar look is something you can wear all the time. It is quite a comfortable outfit to wear and it looks great as well. The Patiala pants can also be styled with t-shirts and blouses. 

Capri style trousers paired with short shirt 

Whether you wear a short or a midlength shirt, wearing capri pants as a bottom will create a very modern and classy look. Loose capri pants look nice for an eat-out or hang-out if you tuck in your shirt. You can wear a loose knee-length or a little above shirt for a formal look. 

Ethnic Indo-Pakistan Style 

You cannot miss out on the typical IndoPakistani style of the ecstatic hijab with a shalwar kameez look that is different than the regular straight shirt with side splits. The frock style shirts are very popular in South Asian fashion and are probably never getting old. Named as ‹peshwas’ or ‘kalidar’ in traditional words, the style has been a hit for decades and appears to be very cultural. The long frocks, the lengthy dupattas, and the well-mannered hijab, all in place to rock a perfect Indo-Pakistani look.

B y Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 4:21 AM May 8 2021

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