STF arrest 70 since Jan

By Nabiya Vaffoor | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 29 2020
News STF arrest 70 since Jan

By Nabiya Vaffoor

Police Media Spokesman, Senior Superintendent of Police Jaliya Senaratne noted that the Police Special Task Force (STF) had apprehended 70 suspects in 62 direct raids, on organised criminal gangs, conducted since January 2020,.

He further pointed out that 1,407 raids had been conducted on dangerous drug dealers and 1,303 suspects were arrested. 

SSP Senaratne revealed this during a press briefing, yesterday (28).

“The STF has arrested 775 suspects and seized 1,016 kilograms of heroin in 750 separate raids. Also, 77 suspects were arrested with four kilograms of Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice) in 60 separate raids. During 273 separate raids, 1,602 kilograms of Kerala Cannabis was seized and 279 suspects were arrested. Further, 3,439 kilograms of local Cannabis was seized and 100 suspects arrested during 109 separate raids. In a total of 215 separate raids conducted, 58 acres of local cannabis cultivation was destroyed and 72 suspects arrested.” 

Meanwhile, the STF has seized 168 illegal weapons during 136 raids. They include three pistols, four revolvers, 15 Type-56 firearms, 42 shotguns, 80 locally made firearms and 15 non-identified weapons. In addition, eight magazines, 1,018 rounds of live ammunition and 47 hand grenades were taken into custody along with 84 suspects during these 136 raids.   

“During the raid at Pitipana on 29 June, STF personnel detected an armory which contained 11 T-56 weapons, one T-81, and more weapons. During the raid in the Walasmulla area on 20 July, one T-56 and ammunition were seized. On 21 July, the STF detained one 12-bore firearm with 12 live ammunitions and one hand grenade along with more weapons from Elpitiya. On 25 July, five 12-bore weapons and two galkatas firearms were taken into custody by the STF,” he added. 

He further added that another suspect, a 52-year-old and who is a member of the underworld was apprehended with a T-56 firearm, 22 live ammunitions and one magazine in the Wellawatta Police Division by 5 a.m. yesterday (28).  Senaratne noted that the found weapon was suspected to be used in some reported crimes and further investigations were being conducted in that regard. 

Meanwhile, the Police Headquarters has introduced two electronic mail addresses and a fax number to provide information on narcotic drugs, underworld figures, and drug traffickers.

These e-mail addresses and fax numbers are introduced in addition to the two hotline numbers - 1997 and 1917 - introduced previously.

Information on narcotic drugs can be provided through the email address [email protected] while the email address [email protected] can be used to report criminal gangs and drug traffickers.

In addition, the relevant information can be provided in writing by faxing to 0112440440.

By Nabiya Vaffoor | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 29 2020

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