Staying Safe from the Virus

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 10 2020
Scribbler Staying Safe from the Virus

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage  Ceylon Today Features

It’s not easy to stay safe when the danger comes from a virus, something we can’t see. 

However, it’s something that we’ve had to deal with for some time now. With the danger of COVID-19 making a comeback, you might have to stay at home in order to be safe. To make sure that everyone is safe, we have a special list of important things you might want to know about and refresh your memory on important things happening right now.


This is a new strain of virus that has become what is called a global pandemic. Viruses are so small that you could fit hundreds of millions of them on the tip of a needle. 

Even though they are tiny, viruses cause many different sicknesses, including what people call the common cold. It’s tough to treat illnesses caused by viruses because doctors are still looking for medicine that can work against them. This is definitely true for COVID-19, which is a brand new type of virus.

With doctors still looking for ways to beat the illness, the best way to fight against a virus like COVID-19 is to stop it from attacking our body.

Hands up

You’ll have to be extra careful with your hands during these days. Because the virus spreads from person to person and can survive in places touched by someone who has the virus, touching your face, nose, eyes and biting your nails are all habits that you should avoid. Otherwise you’ll be giving COVID-19 an express ride straight inside you.

Scrub, scrub, scrub!

Because of this, you should also wash your hands regularly to make sure that germs don’t stay long on your hands. When washing hands, lather your hands with soap and scrub using a special technique that doctors have told us to follow. Talk with your parents about it and use the internet to find out the right way to wash your hands.

Wear a mask

You’ll have to protect yourself from other people who may have the sickness. This means that wearing a mask is important when you are going out. It might be difficult to breathe while wearing it, but we all have to stay protected as much as we can. Wear a mask and don’t go and mingle in crowded places.

Stay at home

Sometimes we have no choice but to leave home. However, if no one in your family has the disease, the safest place you can be is at home. You might feel bored and want to play with your friends next-door, but you’ll have to be careful during this time and stay at home. Don’t go out to play with people nearby your home. Try to find ways to have fun without having to go outside and interact with many other people.

These are some basic things you can do to stay safe while the coronavirus pandemic is spreading once again. Remember to stay safe and plan with your family to protect yourselves from the virus.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 10 2020

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