Standard Chartered launches ‘Here for you’

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 27 2020

Standard Chartered Bank Sri Lanka reiterated its commitment to the physical and mental wellbeing of all employees with the introduction of ‘Here for you’ - it’s confidential 24/7 support, resources and information programme to assist employees and their dependents at times of personal need. 

Commenting on the significance of the programme, Ransi Dharmasiriwardhana, Head of Human Resources, Standard Chartered Sri Lanka said, “The wellbeing of our staff is of utmost priority and a key area of investment. At the Bank, it is not just a nice to have, but a ‘must have’ for employees to feel healthy, happy, and included. ‘Here for you’ offers employees someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever they need them, for emotional support, legal guidance, or in managing their finances. It is the latest initiative in underscoring our commitment to the welfare of our staff beyond the ambit of the job.”

Offered in association with ComPsych, the world’s largest provider of employee assistance programmes, ‘Here for you’ provides employees a local helpline number through which they can speak to a credentialed professional who can assist with a wide range of concerns. It gives them the opportunity to seek confidential emotional support for themselves and their household members, obtain legal guidance and practical assistance, and receive advice on a wide range of personal finance questions. Additionally, an array of educational content is available through the online resources at GuidanceResources to further assist Standard Chartered employees maintain emotional and physical wellbeing.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 27 2020

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