Soldiers charged with Mattakkuliya murder

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 20 2021
News Soldiers charged with Mattakkuliya murder

One corporal attached to the Sri Lanka Army’s (SLA’s) Mattakkuliya Camp was implicated along with a few more SLA personnel who have now been identified by Police investigators in respect of a recent murder committed in Mattakkuliya, SLA said on Thursday (16). SLA Camp Mattakkuliya ’s Commanding Officer was relieved of his command duties and the rest of its troops redeployed elsewhere, soon after the SLA Military Police confirmed the involvement of a few SLA personnel in the said camp of the suspected murder, it further said. 

SLA, within hours of hearing of this incident, initiated its own parallel investigations in order to ascertain the involvement of any SLA personnel in the crime, SLA said. SLA is extending their fullest cooperation by deploying the Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police to assist the Mattakkuliya Police to investigate the incident, it added. SLA Commander, General Shavendra Silva, on hearing of the incident on 12 September, instructed relevant SLA authorities to immediately take strict disciplinary action and suspend their duties with immediate effect if any SLA personnel were found involved, in accordance with the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy of the organisation against criminal acts, SLA further said. (PA)

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 20 2021

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