SLFP opposes NCM against Gammanpila

By Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 25 2021

By Thameenah Razeek

The SLFP will not support the SJB’s No-Confidence Motion against Minister of Energy Udaya Gammanpila, as the motion is a foolish action based on a hidden agenda, Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera said.

 He said they oppose the motion, as the decision to raise fuel prices was not made by Gammanpila directly, but by the Sub Committee on the Cost of Living, which was then accepted by the Cabinet. Responding to journalists at a Media briefing about the SLFP’s position, Amaraweera said the Government is fully aware that many in society have lost their jobs and are in the midst of a severe economic crisis.

 At the same time, the Government is also in a difficult situation, particularly in terms of the USD deficit, which is why they took this decision reluctantly, he added. 

Meanwhile, many suppliers had requested the Government to allow them to raise the prices of not only fuel, but also a number of essential commodities, including LP Gas, he said.

 But the Ministerial Sub Committee tasked with deciding on the gas price amendments did not grant approval to raise the price and instead took a number of alternative measures. “Each year, these gas companies lose roughly Rs 1 billion. Litro did not have its own huge terminals as Laugfs Gas had. 

Therefore, their running costs had skyrocketed. However, at our request, Laugfs Gas consented to let Litro utilise its terminals as well. Additionally, gas will be acquired with Government intervention in the future. 

A high-level board at the Treasury is in charge of these activities. All the alleged corruption, irregularities, and commissions in the purchase of gas will be eliminated, so these companies will be able to save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be lost,” he elaborated.

By Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 25 2021

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