Six records shattered at Army Relay Carnival

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 23 2021
Sports Six records shattered at Army Relay Carnival

Six Meet records were shattered as Artillery Regiment and Army Women’s Corp ‘A’ team shone at the 57th Army Athletics Championship Relay Carnival held at Sugathadasa Stadium yesterday.

Asian Championship finalist quarter miler Nadeesha Ramanayaka and Asian Junior record holder Aruna Darshana were the stars of the day. Nadeesha anchored four relays to the Gold medal, while Aruna shone in both the 4x200 and Medley relay events.   

Nadeesha, 26, had a tiring day as she had to run four back-to-back relays for Army Women’s Corps ‘A’ team. She ran the anchor legs of the 4x100m,4x200m, 4x400m and Medley relay, where she excelled in all four anchoring them to the Gold medal. They shattered three meet records except the women’s 4x400m event.

In the Men’s event, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (SLEME) Regiment, which usually dominated sprinting events in the not too distant past, were completely outrun by former champions Artillery Regiment (SLA), and it was Darshana who anchored both the 4x200m and 4x400m to the new meet records.

Same four members of the team - Darshana, 100m National Champion Himasha Eashan, 200m specialist Mohammad Safan and Pabasara Niku - featured in the relay. SLEME suffered because of the unavailability of their Olympian Yupun Abeykoon, as well as a poor performance by Vinoj Suranjaya de Silva.

The Army Athletics Championship will be held from until Friday at the same venue. Today’s schedule includes only four track events and most of the field events.



4x800M: 1. SLASC 7:33.45 sec, 2. SLEME 7:34.58 sec, 3. SLA 7:35.31 sec

4x200M: 1. SLA 1:23.71 sec, 2. SLEME 1:24.13 sec, 3. GW 1:25.65 sec

4x1500M: 1. SLEME 16:09.23 sec, 2. GW 16:14.54 sec, 3. SLA 16:15. 82 sec

Medley Relay: 1. SLA 1:50.14 sec, 2. SLEME 1:50.51 sec, 3. SLASC 1:51.22 sec


4x100M: 1. SAWC (A) 47.33 sec, 2. SLSC (W) 47.88 sec, 3. SLAGSC 51.07 sec

4x800M: 1. SLSC (W) 9:42. 09 sec, 2. SLAWC (A) 9:52.12 sec, 3. SLAGSC (W) 10:06.94 sec

4x200M: 1. SLAWC (A) 1:39.10 sec, 2. SLSC(W) 1:41.92 sec, 3. SLAGSC(W) 1:54.42 sec

4x400M: 1. SLAWC (A) 3:55.13 sec, 2. SLSC (W) 4:08.82 sec, 3. SLAGSC(W) 4:31.64 sec

4x1500M: 1. SLAWC (A) 19.53.56 sec, 2. SLSC (W) 21:30.72 sec

Medley Relay: 1. SLAWC (A) 2:08.99 sec, 2. SLSC(W) 2:12.47 sec, 3. SLAGSC(W) 2:29.11 sec

(Pix by Kelum Chamara)

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 23 2021

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